torsdag 5. november 2015

   The fundementalists overraction

There can be times when we find ourselves taking most things very seriously, reacting in a grave and stern manner to the influx around us. 
Taking the opinions we hold, the actions we take, the words we speak, as fundemental truths, rearly bending with the wind and be at ease. Thinking everything has a somber root, that there must be a hidden motive, underlying causes and reasons behind the whims and impulses of others. 
Rarely taking anything at face value, and constantly probing for the depth we believe must be unearthed. Thinking if we say something, there must be attached tons of weight and gravitude to our sentiments. That all our opinions must be recieved with bravura, that there is no room for varying degrees of truths. That our reaction to things must be flawless, and always justified. 
If we react with dissaproval, that our cries of subjective right and wrong is a law that must be applicable to all. 
Becoming slaves to our own subjective views, and being unable to adjust to the merry go round of unexpected sightings of what we deem unnusual. Putting in place the fixed opinions we have harbored throughout time, and inflicting the personally held beliefs rigidly unto others. 
When we let go of the need to feel that we must always be right, that our opinions are so important that we follow them with unwavering plight.
Overtly associating ourself with the self imposed values and opinions we hold, and swearing to encapsulate everything we think and mean in every step we take.
The problem begins to rear its head when we become dictorial, thinking that others must also share the same thoughts and way of living, never stopping to consider that the morals, supposed ethics, supposed rights and wrongs, are mostly constructs. Some even do the most heinous things of enforcement and ills when they spot what they consider flawed or wrong.
Putting on an iron fist and going out of ones way to shut down and react strongly to anything that does not synchronize with the mindset we inhabit.
Being like fundementalists that are succumbed by cruelty only to prove a specific point to be right, and waving their hands and casting judgement on everything they deem wrong.
They surely take themselves too seriously in meting out punishment and violence to the subjective violators of what they have been taught is wrong. Never considering a live and let live attitude to anything. As if having a book engraved in the back of their minds, never seeing with their own eyes and thinking their own thoughts, but always reffering to the narrow confines of the rules they swear blind allegiance to.
When overestimating the importance of a singular expression and mind, it can be difficult to ease up and simply enjoy. Overreaching to find something to fuss about, something we deem unpleasant, always grabbing unto the object of frustration with crazed eyes and a violent hold. 

When shifting focus towards oneself, making sure ones own criteria for happines are met and cultivated, and letting go of the invisible enemies one has created, that has no real power over one, naturally the need to correct others is aleviated. When there are no real obstacles, exept for the ones one has constructed in the mind, fictatious beliefs of what can be holding one back, who, where and what, and reclaim personal autonomy, things will be well.