mandag 26. desember 2016

Existing outside of the predisopsed narrative

Sometimes we are swept up by the raging torrent of opinions and judgements, exerting oursves into the action of a grand sea where we are opposing someone or something. Most likely backed by a group of many, forming a band of loud protestors or defendants fuelling one another into fury.
Your time and energy summoned by invisible players using you as a droplet in a bucket of water, to strengthen their own supply. A mere pawn in a greater game, where your personality have been slowly fading away to serve the cause of a stranger. Expected to beleaguer the others to no end.

Sometimes we can make the choice wether to exist in a reality we have created for ourself, shared. Y those we love and those we find interesting, or to exist on a reality created by someone else, where choice has been replaced by commands.
Regardless of what opinions we hold, it is important to remember that we do not need to have an opinion about everything, sometimes it actually does not matter at all. We do not need to make judgements regarding the views and lives others, sometimes it is best to let live. And we do not need to be a part of some grand action involving millions of people.
It is okay to step back, and focus on your own narrative. To know that one does need to be informed about everything, or articulate a thesis on every major event that takes place. If you put too much importance and serious weight to everything that goes on, it can quickly become tedious. Maybe this is what the buddhists know, sometimes it does not matter if you are a part of something or if you have exited the equation.

Such is most frequently seen in opposing ideologies, the left and right, pro or anti, to support or deny.
We forget that there is a life to be lived, our own. Ephemeral moments of delicacy to be had, dalliances to create, the mixing of two compounds, creating something brand new. The effervescent smile between two friends.
The ethereal joy of doing what you like, not involved in politics of mass parties, not connected to the massive web, not reading in on the collectice news stories. Just being where you are, with whomever you are with, enjoying eachother, with no interference.

The world os huge, stuff happening all over. The universe is too big to be put in concieveable meassure, information flowing all over the place, something happening at all times. If always caught up in the narrative of something else, there is no time for respire. If there were 100 planets with intelligent life, our news feed would by overflowing with intel, and some would soak it all up. Marching to the beat of other drummers, to the sound of strangers he or she will never meet.
Instead of creating magic right here and now, some are lured by advertisement, some are spellbound by mirages of ongoing wars and conflict. Some are trapped in meaningless arguments with no diplomatic ends in sight.
Proclaiming their opinion and stand to be the one and only, forever trapped in a macrocosmic narrative, ignoring the microcosm of the here and now. Ignoring the chanche to enrich someones life on an individual basis, even forgetting to fall in love, or simply to love. And all the complicated mess of glorious emotions and sensations that come with it. Do not forget yourself, and the possibility of beauty around you. 

fredag 23. desember 2016

Nobody is obliged to be what you want them to be

We must be able to give freely by our own admission, without heavy expectations placed upon us on how we are supposed to act and be. We can have equanimity of the mind, even when people act in ways we were told are the significator of so called rude and brusque people. 
When our outer appearance of how we behave do not correspond to an idealized picture some vehemently hold on to, like a childish idea of disney land inhabitants, some are quick to label those who fall outside of this model as bad people. 
People who must have evil lurking, because they do not present themselves in an overtly jolly manner with nothing but smiles, laughter and contrived posturing.
Let people be their natural manifestation of themselves without harmful legislations around the singular and restrictive image you wish to see.

In society there is a wave of people battling the unrealistic ideals of body and looks, championing a more inclusive and forgiving, without some people feeling ostracized for not being what some deem perfect. 
When it comes to personality, we still crudely label others however we wish if they present themselves in a different manner than what we have consider acceptable and attractive.
Trying to coerce someone to be an idealized version of pristine sweetness and agreeability in relation to you is not cute to demand of others. Let others give and recieve freely as they themselves chose to do, and so they are dancing to the whims of free will. Instead of recieving instructions by a firm voice that mandates one to comply and obeys. To base someones worth in relation to their disposition, and what they deserve, is kinda lame. 

Why is it okay to automatically belittle those who are naturally more somber, less enthusiastic, reserved and cold as undeserving people who deserve bad karma because they did not smile at you or laugh at one of your jokes. 
Wether someone is so called nice or cold, they have the right to respond to a situation however they wish, and be friendy or dismissive just as they please. Trying to force upon someone a false facade can be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Being peevish about the social proprieties some believe we must uphold at all cost, and any detour or anamoly spotted of the cartoonish smiley faces plastered upon us must be swiftly punished and corrected.
Such is not true authenticity. We have the free will to act as we please, and maybe some people should have a more relaxed attitude about the attitude of others.

torsdag 22. desember 2016

The world is grand 

Take a second and think about how many opportunities there actually are in this world, inhabit the sight of an eagle soaring above in search of fun, meaning, excitement and possibilities. Or better yet, a view of this planet from another planet. 
Instead of locking oneself in, inhibited by the fear of looking stupid, go outside and recieve the enegy, open yourself up to others. Try not to quickly dismiss anyone coming into contact with you, and give the flow a chance.
Take a seat at a bar, sit, wait, and maybe someone will come up to you and engage in conversation.
Take a class somewhere, feel the surrounding energies, and suddenly you sre synchronized eith another person you get along great with. Join a club of some sorts, and find out if the atmosphere resonates with your being. 
Some people have tunnel vision about the possibilities around us, and are stuck focusing on one specific person or slightly more. Thinking that the little bubble of interaction found theirein is the only place to feel at home, the only place the universe was feeling gratuitous enough to allow magic to happen. Just be somewhere there are other acutal, living and breathing people, and the rest usually works itself out. 

We are allowed to be capricious in life, and follow the whimsical stream of consciousness where it may take us. There are tens of thousands of doors waiting to be opened, your longings corroborated by the abundance of fun and excitement you are met with. Finally recuperated from a long withstanding illness of never ending stillness. No need to hesitate, most people quietly dream and wish for random encounters, perhaps some even have space in their heart and life for a new friend. 

Bolster your courage in an effort to allow yourself to be, to see the small windows of opportunities here and there and everywhere. There is nothing harmful about existing, and your being is innocuous. If there is an annoying voice, taking over and directing your life in an isolated direction, the throne should be given a new master, fair and wise in his decision making, and kind and forgiving in his mannerism. The inner realms sometimes need a more loving presence that calls the shots. 

The lottery of life, what are the odds

It can be easy to become obfuscated by an unfounded fear of potential disaster when we are in situations or places foreign to us. The lack of knowledge and information making us see red lights at every turn, because we simply do not know what we are dealing with.
Making us conjure superflous scenarios in our mind of impending tragedy.
When the irrational fear takes hold, and all we can think, feel and see are ominous possibilities of hurt, it is time to replace the jargon with something else.

The chances of winning a lottery are slim, so are the odds that something terrible will happen. It is easy to become trapped in disaster mode in this day and age, when we are continously warned by the media, journalism and radio that something awful is destined to happen. But the odds of everything turning out just okay, are always in your favor. The biggest chunk of people, an astronomical amount,  never commit heinous acts, never take the life of others, and never willfully infringe upon the rights of others. 
We have all had hurts, but for 90-99,999% percent of the time, we have been fine, safe and protected by the general goodness that naturally surround us. So why linger on those few instances where we were subjected to pain, the odds refrain them from coming in wave after wave. There are times when we are unlucky, but that is part of the narrative. 
In a casino, you are almost destined to lose, the rare instance where someone hits the jackpot, is lost in the mire of regular failings and dashed dreams of being the 0.0001% that wins big time. 

In life, the situation is reversed, we usally win, but sometimes are the 0.0001 that fails. Because we are alive with all our senses flowing, the failings can feel awful. To be remembered is that after such pain, usually comes light. Just allow the flow to come. 

onsdag 21. desember 2016

Shifting the perceptions of others

Might be a tantallizing idea, but it often causes needless worry, stress, fear and hypervigilance.
The fleeting impressions of a stranger who has no influence over your life, how they percieve you, what thoughts arises as they see you, are their own business.
The thoughts someone may have about you, spanning all across the board, one person thinking and feeling something completely different from another. Some may see you as cold, weird, lame, desperate, and by some I mean a distant acquaintance, whose role in your life as long ago ended.

Why should we attach meaning and importance to the opinions of those who are no longer around, to those who do not care, to those who momenteraly interact slightly with you. If we are preoccupied with the inner dialogue of others at most times, we can easily become blind to the natural expression and desires we have, becoming obstructed by the incessant worry of what others might think. Some will find you attractive and pleasing, others will find you unnattractive and annoying. Its just part of the flow, but it may be wiser to focus on those who enjoy your company.

Yes, some people might have a terrible idea of who you are as a person, and see you as less than good enough, maybe even going as far as seeing you as a beast based upon how you carry yourself, a wackjob, someone with bad judgement. One can muster up all the possibly hurtful things, and someone out there might associate it with you. If you are having such debilitating thoughts about yourself, and suspect others are the same at all times, it might be time to do some rectification. Also if you deeply believe yourself to be unworthy, and start engaging with someone who calls you such to prove them wrong, you might believe it yourself. So what, there are also those who might ser you as kind, a real sweetheart, loving and compassionate. Often more times than not, those wth a better understanding of you see the deeper sides, and the core and more coherent truth of your being.

So go ahead, act cooky, be the lame person in a room, because someone else darting their eyes upon you, might see you as interesting, intriguing and exciting.
And besides, most of the people we pass, we never see again, just a quick passing with no real impact or meaning. So forget trying to impress every person that coexists with you in this world, and rather try to impress those who take the time to be with you, share moments with you, and love with you, and forget what wordplay you inspire in a random room filled with random people, who already has enough on their plate.

tirsdag 20. desember 2016

The exaltation of some vs the degradation of others

On the macrocosmic scale different nations, people within those nations tend to construct arbitrary value to a certain expression or way of being, and completely devalue everything that differs in the slightest. 
The dehuminazation of those who speak a language you do not understand, the belittling fo those who have customs and culture you find unappealling. And the creation of enemies for those you do not understand. 
Some nations have rallied behind leaders who might allude to a nation and its inhabitants as being worthless because they do not have the newest iphone. Leaders who might not see people in a different country as equal, because they do not drive a specific kind of car, or listen to the same music or watch the same movies. 
The indifference to destroying a country, because they have no multi billion building projects, and live closer to nature. Perhaps even because they do not drive the same cars. 

Some countries have no qualms about exploiting another country, if the people of that country have darker skin, and arent surrounded be concrete mazes. Seeing them as nothing more than undeveloped countries, because they differ from what we are used to in how they go about their day to day lives.

Examining carefully, as if holding a pair of weights, just how worthy someones life is or isnt, based on how much they like the culture and what it produces. Deeming one country more deserving of peace, stability and monetary safety, because they fit certain biased criteria of esteem. 
The narrative placed upon us since childhood, to sing praises to some nations, while demonizing others, and seeing the inhabitants as demons as well. Not as individuals. Ripe for exploitation, slavery, theft, hijacking of ressources, underminement the soveireignity of the people if they live in one country, but a first class priority if they live in another. 

The narrative that involves the lives of celebrities and leaders, as more important than others for some reason. The social construct we have been fed through media and education, that some do matter more than others. But the universe is endless, and there is no divine hand pointing us in such directions, other than ourselves on this tiny planet. The construct around us, created by us, upheld by us, and maintained by us. But not all structures need to stand.

On a microcosmic scale, we can surely have our own opinions, but when it comes to something as fundemental as lives, justice and fairness, the bigger picture should perhaps be considered.

mandag 22. august 2016

Why not push the boundaries of goodness, instead of keeping up with the meaningless exploration of evil

History has proven itself to be fraught with torture, discriminnation, murder, genocide, greed, injustice, slavery and undescribable cruelty.
The limits of evil declared and acted upon, has been breached long ago. Mindless doings that causes indescribable hurt and pain, instigated to ensure power, dominance, supposed superiority and influence. 
The barr cannot go any higher, the consequences of evil has shown itself time and time again, and never bringing anything good with it. Screams, tears, hurt, pain, suffering, death, famine and illness are the only things evil can bring.

So we do we see people continuing the exploration of wicked ideas, do we need constant reassurance that the flow will somehow change, and that any good can come from what we already know is wrong. Some sort of confirmation of what is obvious, the obvious fact being that the actions spurred by hatred and cruelty will only result in misery. 
It is easy for disciminnation to evolve into exile, exile to lead into abuse, abuse transforming into murder, murder into mass murder. The seemingly mild forms of hatred quickly escalates into something far more dangerous.
When the seed has been planted, it grows accordingly, needing to be yanked from its roots. 

When record has shown all the ways possibly to induce suffering, all the tools and weaponry to inflict pain, do we really need to continue down such a road. 
Why not try to go the other way around, of goodness. A wild exploration into kindness, love, happines, to dive fully and deeply into the wonders it can bring. 
To explore goodness with wild passion, excitement, not knowing what it will bring or how it will manifest. Goodness has many more options to be felt and senses, many more ways to let itself be known as opposed to evil, which leads to the inevitable. 

Goodness can go in many unknown directions, roads that have not yet been traversed, sights that remain to be seen, emotions of joy waiting to be felt. It is far more mysterious, sensual, imaginative to find ways to love, instead of thinking of what tools can be used for torture and to inflict the utmost physical pain. 
Physical joy has a far bigger scope and range, than the limitations of physical pain. 

lørdag 20. august 2016

The many seemingly contradictory emotions and thoughts we have

We are often coerced into thinking that we can only feel one specific way about a person, a place or a happening. That we must choose between the feelings we hold, while discarding the others that also pop up if they seem irreconcilable. 
The idea that differing feelings cannot co-exist within oneself, that it must be either love or hate, joy or sorrow, and to enforce what sensation we hope will dominate the others.
To quelch one in favor of others, to trample fifteen fleeting emotions to make room for only one. 
Having been influenced by society to respond to people in a specific way, with little room for multiple interpretations and several layers of depth. 

Encouraged to have dislike for former friends, but the feelings of lingering joy they brought us floating to the surface, deeming it unnacceptable to still hold fondness for someone you wish to only associate with one fixed emotion when the partnerships are no longer a focal point of life.
When leaving a former place of residence, institution, town, we are tailored to easily classify the experience as either good or bad, diminishing the impact it has had on us to declare ourselves ready for the future. 

When we try to deny the emotions to be a part of us, no matter how confusing, weird, conflicting and surreal they are, we become frigid to our own truth to be felt and expressed. The impressions we have, are often lasting, and can trigger moods and feelings to simultaneously arise. Several drops of water in a large pond, each containing its own imprint of memory and reactions. 
Someone can trigger both fear, admiration, hope and longing in us, but words are sometimes not enough to describe the bewildering stimulus we have inside. When trying to control the reactions we have, and carefully choosing the response we wish to associate with, it is easy to become blind to the swirling wonders of of life. 
When faced with emotions that seem to contradict each other, know that they can operate together, and that both are valid in its right to be. 
The need to divide, create walls and refusal to interningle differing emotions, often causes a rigid framework that leaves little space for the elusive dance.

Just existing is good enough

We are often told what we need to do in order to improve our worth, our fictional stock of human evaluation, in order to rise in value and allure. 
That we somehow, after a certain age, are expected to evaluate ourselves based on how we do, what we do and how much we do. Most people accepting these imposed requirements, and taking them deeply to heart. If a percieved failure is noted in an area of life, we cast judgement upon that aspect, we ridicule it, bully it and make sure we change the future outcome. 
When always looking at ourselves with scornful eyes, we tend to forget that we would never judge a baby or a child the same way.
A baby is perfect when it is born, and that perfection is retained until passing on. There is nothing we can or cannot do, to qunch that inherent perfection that has always been a part of us. Some things just does not go away.

The things we do in life are glitter added, accesories, appendages to an already perfect existence. We choose to indulge in life, simply because we want to, we choose to find other people, because we need them, we choose to follow our destiny and calling, because we feel like it.
It is a part of enriching the perfection that is already there.
We often become more discerning, even going as far as saying who deserves food and who does not, who is worthy of love, and who is not, who should be alive, and those that should not. When engaging in such abrasive methologies, we often set oursves up for the same scenario, only in a reversal of roles. 
Sme think those who do not work in a hired profession, does not deserve food, and thus, ultimately deserves to die. If found in a similair situation, with no work or home, we have set ourselves up for death because of the pre established mindset cast upon those who came before. We say some people do not deserve love if they have made mistakes or said or done the wrong things, if we ourslves ever were to screw up, we are inadvertedly now in a position where we feel love should be denied. 

The thing to remember is that we are perfect, and that existing, just being around, hanging out, eating, walking, relaxing, is all it takes for us to be divine. Nothing more, nothing less, and if you chose to add on to your experiences, go ahead, but it does not diminish the value of those who lead a different life, or prefer to pursue a different path. 
Just exist, eat a banana, and be cool with that.

torsdag 4. august 2016

When 100 people look at one picture, you might get 100 different reactions.

There is a tendency to believe that a word such as happines can only describe one fixed sensations, and that it is felt on similair terms by all who use that word. A false ideal that we know exactly what another person is talking about if they articulate themselves in a specific way. Within the spectre of human emotions, there are billions of different shades, probably trillions with hints and flavors that make the sensation uniquely felt by the individual proffesing it. 
Some like to say that the world repeats itself endlessly, that there is no true novelty or breakthrough. Such could not be further from truth, the love a mother feels for her child, will he different for every mother, no one way of feeling can be an exact replica of what another feels and experiences. For every expression of love that is shared and brought to existence, it carries with it a unique spark that is new to the history of the universe. 
Sure, some moments and fragments of time might be similair, but do not mistake that for a static cloning operation that needlessly occurs. There are also those times when we might mimic the emotions and sensations of those close to us, in moments of complete unison, while sincerly being in the same space of complete understanding and merging of souls.
But it can be easy to forget that what we think, is not necessarily reflected around us, or how we feel.

Some might find sports and going to the gym shallow endavours, for others, it might bring them such joy and exuberance, that indulging in such activities is unbridled in scope of satisfaction and fullfilment. Some might find a hedonistic lifestyle to be a shallow grave of empty desires, while another person might find it brings them closer to divinty, their own being, the true core of their soul. 
The differences in reaction and pespective can be easy to overlook, quickly clouding our minds with judgement and a complete lack of understanding.
We all react differently to the stimuli and happenings surrounding us, and claiming a monopoly on how we profuse that people should react, should feel, when faced with a specific painting is tyranny. We all operate on different modalities, and a masterpiece to some, might be trash to another. 
The good old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder ringe true, but it also applies elsewhere. 

There are times when we simply refuse to acknowledge the mind of someone else, the heart of a friend, how they might have experienced something, leading into a narrow and claustrophobic corridor where the essence of I is the only essence. 
Just by interacting with a person, you might have 1000 different experinces when different meetings occur. Some might see him or her as evil, some might see kindness, generosity and consideration as integral keys to describe the same person. Even when looking at different angles, your answer might vary, seeing other sides that might shift your perceptions. 

In society at large, there can be a longing for unity by sacrificing true thought or emotions, coercing others i to believing the same as we do, seeing the world in the same colors as we do, people, institusions, politics etc, just to feel a sense of belonging
People forget that there can be a sense of belonging in true acceptance, and that not everyone has to think the same, be the same or act the same in order for there to be unity. It can also occur when there are differences, but such is swept under the carpet by those who profess that similarities is the only way to peace, a homogenized society is the only means to harmony and cooperation. They are obviously consumed by fear.

fredag 10. juni 2016

When we try to set something in stone, we forget that stones break

As time passes on, we believe ourselves to be wiser if we anchor constructs based on hard facts and absolutes with no derivative means to fluctuate. We believe ourselves to be the vessels of knowledge, if we deny room for flow, for the meanings to change, the past to dissolve, the present to unfold. Somehow we clamor to books containing specific facts, and spread the engraved information ceaslessly to others, questioning their intelligence and autonomy if they are not willful reciprocants of said information.
Stuck in the squares and rectangles of a limited imagination and understanding, desperately holding on to snippets of thoughts to construct a rigid reality where unchanging truth is the only way to function.
We seem to forget that we can barely remember what we had for dinner last week, what words were spoken the day before unless we write them down, what actions we took a month before, the faces that pass us by each day. The newspapers of consumed information, cast in the garbage bin moments later.
There is not much that we can truly recall and describe in exact default from our own lives, as the lines seem to blurr interchangeably, the solid memories of today melting by the dawn of the new sun tomorrow.

When we try to project a specific reality around us, such as insisting that a convicted criminal can only be evil, we are presented with evidence by the great jester of the universe to remind us of our ignorance. When we insist that there are no surprises left for us, a shocking awakening taking different forms alights our souls for another challenge to our perceptions. When we commit to an idea of prejudice, we are slapped by a gigantic invisible hand to see another side, and for the spanking to continue until we open our eyes and release the preconcieved notion.

If we try to adamently rule out all variables which has not been experienced by our own subjective truth, we can often become stuck in a narrow tunnel with no flowing lines or dancing shapes. If we come to realize that there is little we can truly know, besides what we ourselves have gone through, we become open to new worlds of possibilities and experience. Even our own subjective truth is fleeting as states in the preface above. Although there are a few things we can know, they are by far exceeded by what we do not.

onsdag 8. juni 2016

There is a tendency to believe that anything that does not benefit us directly, is wrong

This can be seen throughout the span of history, it even goes to such lengths that people believe anything of which they do not simply like or agree with must be somehow evil. With an overarching emphasis on ones personal emotions and reactions and what it can offer us.
Some Americans did not like communism, so they want to war in Vietnman and slaughtered thousands simply because they do not agree with it. Some people feel a hint of uncomfortable sensations arise when being around gay people, so they convince themselves those people must be evil simply because it does not jive with them. This slight unease causes some to violently attack, harass and discriminate.
These are some of the bigger examples, but it extends beyond. Some might think that an employer has made the wrong decision by default if they are not the ones promoted, because it does not exalt them in any way. Some might think that a woman is selfish if she goes through with a divorce, because it felt wrong to her partner, and therefore the moral conviction that she has caused ill is enforced. 
Som might think that a culture is backwards and lazy, if it does not operate under the same terms as theirs. Because anything that differs from what they themselves enjoy and thrive being a part of, must be described in deragatory terms. 
The false notion that anything which feels wrong to oneself, must belong to a vicious and corrupt adversary with cruel thoughts and intensions. The truth can never be so black and white, and those who easily labels and discriminates any factor or game they do not wish to play, fails to see more perspectives than just one. The one stemming from themselves.
Even going so far as saying that any opinion or sentiment which does not come into allignment with mine, is predetermined to be wrong. Neglecting any room for a middel ground, and being caught up in ones own rigid beliefs.
We also see this clearly in politics, where any candidate that does not directly appeal or promise greater riches and opportunity to the camp you place yourself in, must be the spawn of an evil underworld. 
The concept of good and evil is crass, when the lines have always been vague and undescript. We do not always know how our actions influnce others, or how it shapes our environment. When someone makes a decision or move where you feel shafted, try to remember that there are several factors at play which led them to such actions, and that it does not directly have to please or sooth you in order to be classified as right or wrong. 

The rampant I give you something you give something to me conundrum

In society today we see people obsessing over services, services they can offer others, and services they demand in return. This is seen most clearly in the workforce, where there is tangible means to make others to stuff for you. We invest several hours a day, doing something for someone else, so that they in return will do something for us by giving them money. 
Thinking it must be worth offering all those hours in order to get a paycheck, so that we can use that paycheck to recieve goods and services from others. 
Some people spend their entire lives to make others their servants, to have other people make their food, fly their planes, deliver their groceries, create their clothes, arrange their furniture, craft their stuff. Being rejoiced by the fact that somebody somewhere did something for them, and thinking that this is a perfect circle of justice and truth. 
In western society we feel an aching need to have supposed choices, that there must be five grocery stores right next to eachother because we prefer the høres employes in one place over the other, because one store is 5 minutes closer than the next. All the stores having to be bemanded by a willing straff to indulge your need for self-indulgence by giving you their time and efforts. 

When did so many forget that it is possible to do things oneself, that it is okay to make your own food and give freely without demanding anything in return, or throwing a hissy-fit if what you believe you deserve is not served in return. People often forget that they can use their own imagination, creativity and will to be an integral part of life. Instead of expecting that it is always someone elses job to practice their own power to benefit us. It is quite the exhausting circle to be a part of, when ruled by concepts such as give and take. Believing that if you give something, you have the divine right to also take. If the process is not functioning properly according to your beliefs, you start to belittle those who did not give you what you wanted.

Being lulled into believing that in order for contentment and happines to arrive, we must be given something, aquire something, have others treat us in a very certain way, entertain us by giving them money, only a good meal if we pay someone for it. The idea that having others cradle us, do stuff for us, take care of us, give us stuff by paying them, as the only way to reach nirvana. You can create yourself, share, enrichen your environment, simply by being and knowing you do not need all that. 

It is quite possible to live peacefully, without always having servants employed around you, without feeling the need to throwing your money around in order for people to caress you, or caress other people to get their money. An old saying goes the best things in life are free, for where is the authenticity behind such a construed reality. Where the reactions and actions always have to operate like a clockwork or a machine. We throw free will out of the window when we expect the constructed system to always run in a perfect manner, without any room for imagined error or fault. 
Ask yourself why you feel the need to engage in such a gigantic wheel, is it because this is how you were told truth and beauty works, and that anyone who does not partake lacks those things. If you stoff at the concept and reality of slavery, realize that you indulge in a lesser variant of the same thing when you demand others to bend to your will in the name of money and time you spent aquiring those money. If we only give our time and efforts to have piles of money, so that other people can give their time and efforts to have piles of money, is there not something sad about such a reality? You do not always need others to live up to the enforced expectations you place on them, wether it be in the workplace, home, amongst friends or anywhere for that matter, because no one is your appointed slave, and you are the slave of no one. 
Give freely, and sometimes take freely, but try to let it be authentic, because a robotic and static world  is doomed to be boring and sad. 

mandag 2. mai 2016

The illusion of choice and opportunity

Some people teach that we can accomplish anything we want, be anyone we want, have everything we need, all it takes is hard work and perseverance. In the process, ignoring everything that has to do with ones upbringing, the people one has come on contact with, the opportunities and support some have been given while others not. Even denying the genetics we are born with, the brain and body, while delivering a message that anything is as long as you work hard and curb yourself to meet certain criteria to fit in. 
People seem to fortet that we all have a past that has shapes us, experinces that has molded us, and that we did not always have a say in every situations, or ability to create the desired outcome of a situation. Some people try to persuade us that whenever you might be, whenever you are, that it all was a matter of personal choice without any influnces outside of oneself that contributed to the reality we find ourselves in. That anything that happens to us, we are ourselves to blame, anything we are unable to do, we must only try harder, anything that is not given to us, was because of trivial indescretions such as presentation or lack of manners. 

It would be like saying anyone can be a model, when the industry has chosen a specific look to be featured tirelssly, like saying anyone can be rich, even of they grew up dirt poor with no educational backing or support from various sources. Like saying anyone can be a good chef at any times, when they were never given the opportunity to cook, that anyone can have a specific job, when they look for certain stereotypes to fit the part. If you did not get the results expected of you, some might say one was not the right candidate, while often, certain people are given a leg up because they are blonde or exude a certain energy or have certain facial featured that some might find appealing. 

To say that anyone can create anything for themselves is foolish, because our destiny is often decides by what others are willing to give, luck, upbringing, genes and environment. If we try to fool ourselves that such things do not matter, and always blame others for who they are, without taking into account the injustices or scrutiny they have encountered throughout. It is like saying that a little girl can only blame herself for her shyness, even though she might have had guardians who always told her to be quiet and never speak her mind, and then telling her that she only has herself to blame if she is afraid to socialize. It would be like telling an immigrant that he is expected to immediately change his behavior when arriving at a new country, even though he has a 40 years of life experience behind him that has shapes who he is, and for him to suddenly cast away all thoughts, beliefs and identity, as if it were easy. 

Those we speak on grand terms about creating ones own luck, often fall to recognize the natural advantages they might have had within certain places, and creating every good that has ever happened to them to themselves, and forget or ignore everything that simply came to them. Living in delusional grandeur about ones own importance. Crediting everything to their own name, while feiling to recognize that they simply had more supportive or nurturing environment that always helped them.

Or do we influence our own lives in a greater ways than we think? I do not know, but I do know we need more compassion for others in varying situations and at different places in their lives.

torsdag 14. april 2016

No man is an island, but some sure would want it that way. Good luck with that.

No man or woman can live in an isolated space without going bonkers, there is a reason why solitary confinement can drive annonse nuts.
Imagine a life spent in complete darkness, in the confines of a dark room, with no sunshine, no sound, no furniture, no outer influnces to enrich our senses. The result would be a complete dud, a man with no voice, no ability to speak, walk or know anything besides a crippling stillnes that has permiated his every cell and fiber in his body.
No expansion, nothing to learn, just a blob of energy that cannot navigate himself, or be a part of anything besides his own insulated mind that has recieved no stimuli. A being enraptured in complete nothingness, because he was never introduced to the world beyond his four walls that kept him imprisoned.

We can use this analogy and compare it to those who wish to live in a bubble, those who dare not to question themselves, challenge their own mind, vehemently refusing to recieve no inspiration or sparks of enlightenment from others. Believing that the tiny world he or she is able to comprehend, is the only thing that matters, the only way, the only road to salvation, the only road to happines. 
There are people like this all around us, those who swear by their beliefs to such an extent, their upbringing, the place they call home, that they never take a step outside of their comfort zone.
Prefering to have as little interruption as possible, no one to approach their doorstep with a differing viewpoint, only hanging out with those that mirror their exact thoughts and moves, and only reading and watching stuff that reinforces the reality they have created for themselves. 

There is no denying the fact that no man is an island, and that we all influence eachother in varying degrees, and that without the treasure chest of boundless toys to play with, we would never be subjected to something unknown and new. No way to find inspiration, if we have nothing to pull from, no way to take a stroll, if there are no roads or earth to walk upon, no way to experince love, if we have no reference as to how it feels like, no way to hear music, if no one ever created an instrument or dared to sing. 
There is no shame in admitting that we all constitute and contribute to something on this earth, that without others, there is nothing to be felt. Something can arise within us from anything, but without this ever changing place that gives form to concepts, thoughts, ideas and longings, we would have no springboard to catapult from. An empty room with one wooden toy to inspire play, is better than nothing. A giant maze with two others searching for something, is better than one doomed to never encounter anyone there. Maybe two people after wandering for years, eventually will stumble into eachother in the maze, and rejoice in knowing they no longer have to walk alone.
Be open to new impulses, ideas and thoughts, because sometimes, it adds the spice you didn't know you wanted in life, sometimes it is the harbinger of an element that can inspire and enrich your soul.

So dont be a close minded conservative fool yall :-) who bashes and hates everything different from oneself, who wishes to kill and eradicate anything that creates wonder and confusion. Someone who becomes enraged by anything he or she cannot understand, or is driven into a mad fury whenever they feel the chaos of the unknown knocking. Open the door yall :-) dont be a small minded, foolish cunt of a bitch, who only swears by one plate of food, one book, one sentiment, one ideal, one perspective, keep that to yoself yo :-)

onsdag 13. april 2016

Sometimes the path of least resistance, aint so bad

We can often operate on terms that goes against ourselves, seek out people, places etc where we do not really want to be or fit in. Try to get a job we do not really want, or that seems unappealing to us, try to hang with a crowd we feel uncomfortable with, and have next to nothing in common with. Trying to squeeze ourselves through tiny key holes, just to prove a point that it can be done. When there are other doors open for you with no keys required.

Always going against the stream to channel some kind of message, trying to teach someone around us about something they do not really need to know. Walking through doors where we dont like the interior, and demanding ourselves to stay there because we believe it to be expected of us. Wearing perfumes with a funky odor we do not like, just to seemingly impress someone. Eating foods that give us no joy, because we believe we should be on a diet. Chasing an occupation we secretly abhor, because someone somewhere told us it would give great financial reward. 

Being in constant opposition to oneself, clamoring for validation and recogniction from a crowd of people you do not mesh with. To top it all of, seeing out those people actively. Only to inevitably experience that one does not feel at home, or that it is an environment that brings inner satisfaction or a sense of peaceful harmony. Resisting what we know deep inside is right for us individually, not searching for the activity that elevates us, not recognizing those who accept and embrace you, instead shifting ones focus to those who will give you a never ending challenge.

We sometimes have to feel our way through life, and we instinctually pick up on subtle clues all around us, as to who we are attracted to, who we spend our time with, where we feel like travelling, what we feel like accomplishing, the inner compass is always in full motion, but it is our decision as to wether we follow it or not. There can of course be notable differences between people, and still get along fabulously, but sometimes we just know where and with who we belong, despite the conditioning of society telling us it will not work. There is a difference between that, and forcing oneself to be with people or places one simply isnt happy. Happines can be sparked by the most unlikely people as well. When we become aware of our own feelings, and honor them and what our intuition tells us, we will come to feel the radiance of our hearts.

There are of course some groupings, organizations and hurdled masses of people that allow less individuality to shine through, in favor of a doctrined organism that thinks and acts alike, and any sign of difference is seen as a something to get rid of and shunned without a trial or regulation. While those who are perhaps a bit more liberal in their approach to life, are more open to welcome differences while being able to get along and find good company with someone who differs from themselves. To see the blending that it can bring, instead of treating those who seem different like a vermin. Certain countries and institutions where everyone has to be alike and think alike just to stay alive, is not very dignified. 

When knowing oneself, and being strong and form in knowing who we are, sensing the core of our very being, the soul that resides within us, our own energetic field and radiance, it becomes easter to naturally be guided to where we need to go, what we need to see and experience, and where we are welcomed. There can only be so much disparancies one man can take, only so many obvious differences in behavior and opinion, before becoming exhausted by the inevitable clash between oneself and the mirror before you.

Sometimes it does seen like certain stuff is predetermined by fate, a timid and shy woman with a calm temperament could force herself to work within the police force, but will probably at some time be forced out of there. She can either keep on fighting against the established facts, or find a place more in tune with her temperament. A gay man can desperately try to fit in within orthodox christians, and bang against every wall, until he reaches a point where he sees the fruitlessnes of his efforts, and instead finds a tribe of people that welcomes him just as he is. 
We decide for ourselves for how long we wish to tear ourselves up, and curse the very DNA of our soul, or we can decide to be okay with the tools we have been given, natural talents, ethics, morals, and be part of a system that encourages us, and where we can encourage ourself. 
Does fate play a part in this, and are there forces outside encouraging us to be true to ourself, and presenting us with hurdles until we can finally accept who we are, and then go there, either mentally, physically or spiritually. 

Maybe we always have enough, that feelings of lacking something, is self-imposed

We can find ourselves in all variety of places and situations in life, sometimes we may have a lot of monetary funds, be surrounded by the sun, be in a huge company of friends, and sometimes the reverse is where we end up at times.
When we look around, see who surrounds us, what we are privileged enough to live and experince, what something may teach us, whos hand we might hold, where the next smile comes from, that fun idea we just had, the good meal we just recieved, the fresh smell of flowers.
There is always something there for us to feel content, but we may close our eyes and senses, and see only what is not there. To only reach for that which we wish to materialize, to only dream about the person outside of our border. 
Not seeing the ones who present themselves here and now. To neglect the help we have been given, and murmur about the times no one extended a hand. 
Do we always need much more, does everything have to be replaced, when can we finally come to the conclusion that we do have exactly what we need in this moment. We are alive, we can breath, we can make choices and go outside, to see the butterly that appears from nowhere. 
Does a whole swarm of butterflies need to manifest itself in order for it to be satisfactory, must the sun shine just a little brighter for it to feel good, does the chinese food need paprika in order for it to be satisfactory, when all the other elements are there. 
Must a movie inkludert your favorite actress for it to be good, can a bed only be comfortable if it represents your go to brand. Can a friend only be good enough if he gives you an occasional massage.

Sometimes we are given chocolate ice cream, sometimes strawberry or maybe even peach or lemon. Should we deny ourselves the right to enjoy the ice cream if it does not have sprinkles, or is two cones instead of three. 
What is it in your life now, that you have deemed unworthy of bringing you inner peace, what brick walls have you built to block the view in your garden. Somehow, we have always made it, still being here, and when looking back, seeing that you had everything you needed in that moment, seeing that you have everything you need right now.

The strength inside we believe to be lacking, the courage to make change, the valor to follow your desires, is already there, it has always been there. And what is inherently yours, can never be taken away, only blocked by yourself. By the frightening trolls and demons you have conjured up before you. To deprive oneself of something one already has is impossible, but one can fight it, try to burn it,  get rid of it, but somehow it always finds its way back. When you need strength, it is there, when you need joy, it will appear, when you need support, it will show up, when you need love, it will find ITS way to you, because the universe is benevolent, a magic treasure box that holds everything you need, just be open to see it yourself, and appreciate how it presents itself to you. It might not always be how you imagined, but it will be there, it already is. 

mandag 11. april 2016

Life, it doesnt have to be so serious

Some people frem and obsess over the slightest things, and may be subjected to serious depression if they find that their hair sint they way they want it be, and spend most of their time obsessing over the sad fact that they are so self absorbed. Believing that their hair is what the universe revolves around, and always feeling low and sad if the barber did a supposed mistanke for months or years.
Taking it so seriously, that they deny themselves joy or love.

Others take their own bodies so seriously, that they have to he admitted to a mental hospital due to a deteriorating health, caused a crazy sense of self-importance, and that their bodies must weigh a specific amount, or look a very distinct way, otherwise, their inner universe is doomed to collapse while trying to drag as many people as possible with them.

Some take their work so seriously, that they neglect themselves from having any fun, and believe signing rudementary and disposable papers to be more important than things such as love, friendships, adventure etc. Never finding a balance, because work always comes first, why, because it is a very serious thing. Som Even let their relations collapse and die, because they would rather spend time at the office. 

Some take their own words and thoughts so seriously, that they are willing to partake in endless arguments and discussions, that sometimes lasts an entire life. Believing that their opinions are so important, that som could even kill or die for them. Politicians or religious fanatics spending countless hours a day, trying to convince others of what they believe to be true and just, being left with a permanent frown and never a good nights sleep because there is always some people to be swayed and convinced by their subjctive opinions. 

Some take their presentation so seriously, that they deliberate everything they say or do to th slightest detail, so that no one will ever supposedly be put og by them. Going back and forth and constantly thinking that there is someone who will judge them if they say a wrong thing, or think ill of them if they do something bad. Being hyper aware of how everything they do, will cause some kind of reaction, always thinking it will be much bigger and grand than it actually is. 

Certain activists taking the state of the earth so seriously, that they always have to find a fault in someone or something, a country never being good enough, a group of people they with to oppose, everything is a potential disaster, and the world is always on the brink of destruction because of someone or something. They must tire eventually of the white knight armod they have put on, and begin to realize that wearing a black armod can also be chic and appropriate. The same goes for those who take it upon themselves to discriminate and ruin lives of others based on petty arguments and conditioning, maybe they will come to the conclusion that bashing LGBT people is unnessescary, and that what others do isnt so serious to the fate of the universe, and that starting a witch hunt with pitchforks is kinda lame and boring compared to other stuff one can do with the time we have ben given.

So dont take everything so seriously, we are all in this play house together, there are plenty of toys to find in the treasure chest and to make something fun and exciting with. 

A trillion gazillion perspectives and ways, the billions of choices we can make

The endless universe, the unique experinces of a soul, the journey one makes.
The feelings and sensations that we have, the people and places we go, seen through the eyes of one, meeting the eyes of another. 
No one with the exact same trip, the unique fabric of a soul and what it has been through, seen, heard, touched and experince. The futile quest of some trying to define a life in simple terms, label a person with det words. Nothing is ever the same, a trip overseas ventured by one, will not experince, reflect and see the same things as another. 
The endless tapestry of our universe, spanning trillions of dimensions, stars, universes, planets and stars. The meeting of two souls, in a maze so large that it has no end. They found eachother in the glimpse of eternity.
How can we judgement what is the right way, proclaim what is the correct way of living, homognizing existence and trying to push and pull it into a crammed box. The limited perspective of some, who can only see their own life, disregarding the value and beauty of another they will never know.

Being trapped within the confines of a limited state, trying to rescue others from an experience they try to claim. To own the soul of another, steer it away from its inherent truth, to regard one as more important than another. 

When there are so many doors, so many windows of opportunity, how do we walk through the right ones. With endless possibilities, states of mind, words and actions we can take and create, what guides us in a specific direction. What ushered us to make earth our current destination in the endless pilgrimage. With the endless variety of the universe, we are now here, free to make some choices, while others made for us. 
The compass guided us here, to dance with the variations of people and places we come across. Some feel familiar and some feel new, do not dictate how others should feel and what they can do, the freedom of the soul, do not put chains and prejudice on what doesnt belong to you. The free will to indulge and dance with life, casting judgement and restrction on what we do not know or understand, with the trillions of perspectives and ways of being floating around, find the ones who will hold your hand. 

tirsdag 16. februar 2016

Seeing life in terms of mathematical equations

Sometimes it is easy to become trapped by our own convictions of how life is, how others see it, what fits and what doesnt fit. As if we are dealing with the pages of our school books of the past, reading through the mathematical books where we had to find only one answer, the right numbers, the correct set-up to arrive at the one and only answer the textbook urged you to pursue. People are not numbers, situations are not statistics that never change, in life there are always plenty variables. Millions of unseen and unexpected results. 

Thinking we can only fit into a certain group if we act and behave in specific ways, just like the school books with definitive answers told us. If we stray somewhat from the constructed formula, we cannot fit into the equation, we are to be self-erased until finding and expressing ourselves in a manner that is congruent with the situation at hand. 
The logistics, science and math we must learn, subconsciously takling it to heart, that two people of varying personality, are, occupation and expression, will undoubtedly lead to a clashing of elements that cannot be harmonized. We can begin to think in such ways ourselves, sometimes leading to painful thoughts of our place in this world, looking at ourselves and others, and believing that there is no redeeming factor that can unite the two or three because of big or small differences. We are all different, unique and one of a kind, to varying degrees, when we believe the differences to be too great, we can miss out on a lot of opportunities to expand and see life from a different lense. When we avoid certain situations, places, people and experinces, just because we believe it to be something that cannot possibly unified or co-exist without problematic and worrying results. A fault in the highly praised system if there is a slight deviation of what we have come to expext. That certain people should by default gravitate towards a limited range of places and people, and if pulled in an unexpected direction, we can tend to readily point fingers and try to place him/her where we believe he/she belongs and should be, based on the subtle and overt teachings of our past. 

Thinking that only the chinese can live in a house inspired by chinese architecture, that only those with 3 masters degrees can be smart,  if not, believing there must be some kind of a glitch in the supposed perfect computer system that deals in absolutes, and always ready to generate a correct answer when we need it to. A fictional computer that has foreseen all the possible outcomes, variations to whatever we may type. And if there is a suggestion of  multitude of ways, we bang the computer on the table saying there can only be one, that a virus has infested the harddrive and thus it is not processing properly. When thinking and acting in such ways, we become much like robots and comouters ourself, maybe one can be an openminded individual instead.

Shutting doors, not going out, because we believe the DNA of our souls to be immediately shunned or cast away within certain spheres and bubbles of energy, thus not even bothering to visit or check it out. Well, there is always that unknown element of which we cannot predict, and knowing that there will always be an element of surprise present, we can rule out the ideal that things must fit like tetris blocks to be seen as a viable option. That person x can only hang around y, i or f individuals, that the number 2 is always best friends with 4, that Johnny must slice the pie in 8 pieces for his 4 guests to be satisfied. Maybe one of the guests wasnt hungry, or perhaps allergic to pepperoni. 

fredag 12. februar 2016

Turning life into a malignant competitive sport of superiority complexes 

When our motives are fueled by the need to feel better than others, outrank them so to speak, we might have a problem. In life we are often fed top 10 lists of what is best, who are the greatest, what to do in order to rank higher and perform better than our friends or a random person minding his own business. An ubermench stasis that has not been relinquished, a relic from aeons ago that enforces us to believe that there is an actual caste system where we find ourselves and are given a number or status either seen as good or bad, something to be produkter of or embarrased by, something to honor or defile, somwehere we are allowed to feel content or pressured to feel like a failure. Who are seen as the strongest or weakest, whatever! Who gives a fuck about such tepid and unnessescary questions. 

Some people, wittinlgy or not take this to an extreme degree, where they indulge in sports, life, social gatherings, events, school, parties, simply to make themselves grander in their own eyes than what others are. Some people even use intimacy, chance encounters, creativity, chipsen profession, house, living situation and travel to spark the flames of the Notion that doing this or that will grant them the right to place higher on the constructed pyramid. Maybe one should instead try to be motivated to do good, contribute, makes others feel good, makes ourself feel good, be motivated to enrich, be creators of something sweet and cute, instead of swallowing everything around us to feed the ego, without giving anything back. 
What actually happens when most of our living and breathing moments is an endless chase to belittle others by trying so desperately to put them below us. When you need to stand on top of others to feel good, you obvioualy have an easily shaken ego that constantly searches for inwards validation, that for some reason never seems to arrive.A bottomless pit of shallow gratifications, that never gives you the peace you long for. 

When we compare ourselves to others, and are unjustly motivated to outdo them, outrank them just to feel a little better, the time has come to perhaps reconsider and try to find other motivations to our actions. If we work out just to reach a place we can look down on others, work hard in our careers just to feel like we have an advantage over others, travel to places just to boast about having experienced more, garner friends just to feel like we have the most, we are not being authentic with ourselves nor others. Living a lonely lie where we meticulously place others in the rankings box, assign numbers based on percieved accomplishments, look at some with distasteful scorn, while others the target of envy. 
A fragile ego that never dances with life to seek, find, love, experince, see, hear and participate, but rather choses to base and percieve everything as a perilious competition. Never acknowledging that others are fine as they are, and this never feeling fine themselves, because there is always something to do to feel more powerful and enviable. Hopping to live a life where others honor them, whilst still looking to the reaches of the sky to find someone they can surpass. The stars and universe only giving a blank response, an empty statement in return to the ones who pledge to be a force to control others. 

torsdag 11. februar 2016

Overemphasis on a static and unchanging life resulting in personal loss

We can all have our likes and dislikes, something we prefer over another, who we naturally are on a day to day basis, going with the flow of our own being in kind harmoni with others.
When we are to set in our ways, overexerting ourselves in one or two spesifikke direktivets, and shutting all other options out, we can become trapped in the patterns we have set for ourselves.
When we actively shun something we are not used to, and only partane in that which we know very well, and have decided beforehand that we are too good for, or it simply is not okay for us. 
We can try to break free, and see that we do not only have to cherish, value and allow two dancing  emotions and deem other below us or as something deragatory. The same goes for other stoff as well, when we only with to partake in a specific setting tailored to the limited scope of what we allow, only giving certain people a chance, only trying out one sports activity, only using two colors in the box, only travelling to the same place at the same time, because we have convinced ourselves it is the only viable option to satisfy the confines of our experience.

Thinking happines can only be fouund in one place, with no rom for mutability or an element of surprise, that contentment is what we are used to doing, that the right and good is what we are used to and nothing else can compare in terms of value and quality. 
An element of judgement of others and other aspects of life can also quickly show up when we have shut most doors, believing the blueprint we hold and follow to be undisputable and perfect. 
Locked in the same room, with the same energies, environment and perspective, with a refusal to consider something else, within ourselves and around us. We have seen the depressive results of such ideologies and operatives throughout history and in current times, with no variety or diversity of life and individuality present. So try something new, consider a different alternative, be open to what may come, have a balance between all the shades, shapes and lines in the pictures you paint. Instead of limiting oneself to using only blue and green, with and yellow, and instead see what happens when you intertvine these colors and put them together. Try different notes to your melody, fluctuating lyrics that dare to explore unseen avenues of your mind. Limiting ourselves to only seeing one country, and possibly thinking with time there also only exists one country, is not leading to balance.

Instead of breaking the boundaries we rigidly adhere to, and step outside of what we have constructed as our reality which we can believe is far too perfect to need change.
Thinking the slightest change must have sier consequences for ourselves, that the most miniscule upheavel or change of trajectory in course of action in life or others, must be immediately rectified and brought back to its supposed authentic state. If there is something that feels or looks or in actually is different, it must be a sign of worsened conditions or somehow damaging. A change of tone, a change of furniture, somehow misplaced if slightly moved to the left or right. 
If our schedules and time is needed elsewhere, transforming and causing us to be elsewhere and partake in different activities, we somehow react with rampunge fear as if an earthquake is happening below our feet. 

onsdag 3. februar 2016

The pointlessness of self-defilement

there can come a point in our life where we say enough is enough with constant self-criticism and judgement of the inherent beauty that has always been there, but has been subjected to enormous amounts of beatings and belittling.
The cause of self-defilement can be many, but when looking at oneself from a clear point of view, one begins to realize the futility of such harmful indulgence. One only needs to look at countries where every act, every spoken word, all expressions, are shunned, banished, defiled, scrutinized and damned. It quickly becomes like a wild-fire, where the people are so dissatisfied with themselves, that they literally begin to lash out, often in the shape of a whip, unto others. Even going as far as throwing others in jail, for such simple things such as loving another human being. The defilement of others, taking on such an extreme form of expression that there is nothing left but anger, violence, injustice, corruption and fear, due to the constant judgement of the self and others.

We can trace the harm far back, and see how those who are the victims of constant criticism, starts to turn the mourning eye outwards when they have had enough of looking inwards, and spiral into a damaging circle where the criticism that was once directed towards themselves, now must find and outlet and thus new victims are born. 
Nothing of any real good is found when a person is feeling so low. so used to having a dislike for themselves, so accustomed to only singing harmful hymns. The consequences can manifest itself in a variety of ways, and cause damage in unseen places and situations.

Since the ego and inside of the person is so frail. so unstable, without a solid core that they can lean on, all actions and reactions further induces an inwards beating so severe, that they can become totally crippled and left to wither without any lust for life. 
Keeping appearances together can be tough, when there is a constant battle within, telling the individual he/she is never good enough, and that there is always something that can be different, better, more refined or elevated. 
In countries and communities where such thinking is the norm, we often see unpredictable acts of violence and crimes of various sorts, because there is always something wrong that needs to be rectified, either within themselves, or in others. No natural expression of genuine flow allowed, and hysteria and massive levels of paranoia ensues due to the impossible expectations of a rigid false perfection they have set for themselves.

It is different thing when we try to do good and offer of ourselves what we can to indulge in a joyous dance of life. When our self-perception always relies on how we are percieved, how we perform, how we look, what we do and do not do, it is bound to waver. Nothing in life is static, and we are all bound to experience the changes of flow and destiny around us, but when every wave we ride causes our inner core to be unbalanced, shifted and cast into all kinds of directions, perhaps it is a sign that our sense of self needs to find other ways to be defined. When we define sense of self-worth based on how are percieved, and where we find ourself in life, and what we have and dont have, a true inner trust is lacking. An inner trust in the self, that we are of equal value, that we are just as good and perfect, even though we feel things should be different. That we do not need to base the image we have of ourselves, on monetary situations, how much we have, what we have accumulated, what we deem as great accomplishments, but instead trying to be fine and okay with what we see in the mirror, and what we feel of ourselves, despite society telling us otherwise. 
To build a strong sense of self, that is always there, not in constant competition with others, that cannot be easily swayed and turn into a sad reflection of the minds eye. 

To know that one is good enough, perfect enough, always has been and always will be, no matter how life might look. how others might percieve you, no matter in what walk of life you currently find yourself. To ride the wave of life, without letting it drown you.
to let go of the perfectionist that never sees anything as good enough, always something to be rectified, and replace it with fearless contentment. even though one has grown accustomed to the opposite.
The perfectionist will never be satisfied, constantly hungry, never full, always looking, never finding.

like insane religious sects and cults of smaller and larger proportions, that is so hell bent on casting scorn and violent screams on anything and everything they find it hard to accept, causing intense paranoia and feverish hatred that causes them to be alienated from life, and from themselves, feeling nothing but hollow hatred when knowing that everything that they want, they have denied, everything about themselves and others they wish to feel, they have erased. thus left with nothing but empty sensations, and being totally removed and far away from anything that resembles life. Only being left with death, due to encouraging the death of what is in truth beautiful. A manic zealot of insane proportions that would rather go starving for water in a dessert, because it does not come from the only spring he/she deems good enough. Like a traveller freezing to death in the arctic, due to refusing to wear any clothing that provides warmth, because it is not fashionable enough.
Like a lifeless participant in life, never going out, due to nobody meeting his/hers impossible criteria, thus left to their own devices in a cold and desolate area where everything is blocked from entering.
Nothing being good enough, not within oneself, not in others, because the person has been taught to be critical through constant indoctrination, and the spring of life quickly vanishing, due to a weird illusion that the water is not pure enough.
never expressing oneself without fearful constraint that taints the expression that just wants to be set free, the soul. Not allowing others to fly, because the wings are not of a specific pattern or color.

One quickly begins to see the lame stupidity of self-defilement when one thinks about it.

fredag 29. januar 2016

The choice of what we indulge in is always there

Sometimes we can feel like there are certain pressing causes that inhabit our minds, that steals and occupies our focus, despite knowing it only causes frustration or annoyance. 
We can choose where we let our eyes run of to, where our mind decides to run, what radio channel our ears tune into. We can choke whether to go right or left at a crossroads, turn back or walk straight ahead. By the same token we can also navigate our own experince here, to be one of more harmonic immersion. To sense where equillibrium is at its most profound, and to allow the inner guides tell us what we actually do need, and what it is okay to discard and avoid. 
You would not etter a street ripe with warnings of crime, dive into waters where there are warnings of mann shark  attacks, head outside in the middle of a dangerous tornado, or dive head first into a violent knife assault. 

In saying we do not have a choice of where we allow ourselves to be, one would be denying the existence of free will, nobody forces us to think a thought, utter specific lines, or walk in only one direct line. Unless we ourselves accept the course we are about to indulge in, we are most likely not to do it. Nobody can possess your mind and take over your brain and the signals it sends to your system, and pull the strings from within you. We pull our own strings, make our own decisions, despite being influenced by others, we cannot blame them for the free will choices we make, because the initiation to arms, was our own. 
Just like there is choice of where we buy our clothes, where we settle for a cup of coffee, what channel we watch, what food we pick our from the fridge, the choice of what we do and what we think about is also there. 
If we delve into thoughts of judgement, haughtiness, self-criticism, raging anger, or whatever it may be, no one commisioned us to allow such things to consumes our essence for a moment or longer. 

torsdag 28. januar 2016

The suspected problems we have grow in accordance to the weight we attach to them

We often come across seemingly difficult riddles in life, where we are told something mest be hastily addressed and delt with due to the severity of a situation. Convincing ourselves that the reality is grave and unforgiving, and in need of immediate change. In the process we can often lose a sense of level headed calm and serenity, residing within a whirlwhind of worry and doubt that consumes the mine it has taken as its hostage. Refusal to see the presence in a different light, and having settled with the idea that it is indeed hopeless. 

We often add several layers upon layers to our self-inflicted suffering, indulging in an expansive parade wher more apparitions of fear join in every minute to enlarge the scope and validity we want to desperately believe. Having created such a wonderful spectacle of fear, and investing so much time in its intricate construction, we often fail to take a step back and let go of the invention we have become proud to display, and trying to convince others is necessary to our daily health and well-being. A crutch to lean on when we feel attending the circus of a specific kind that revolves around the conviction of our own  troubles. We dont have to indulge in the screams for attention the pesky minions crave, when responding and giving the attention away to that which only cause irritation and grief, we have willingly given ourselves over to the bland and grey figures that corrupt our days.

The more we think about these so called difficult problems, the longer they fester, the Harder they become to shake and leave. Knowing when the time has come to let go, move on, and find other pastures to frolic in. We can always move on, and leave the worries of our mind behind, without thinking the riddles we create need a definitive answer just outside our reach. Sometimes the curios things we bullishly believe to be real, are nothing but mere figments of imagination we like to keep close due to them being so easily recognizable. Sticking to what we know, instead of manifesting new ideas that venture of into different directions. 
Step outside of the parade, and recognize a fluke for a fluke, certain things exist only if we give it oxygen to breathe and water to flourish.