onsdag 21. desember 2016

Shifting the perceptions of others

Might be a tantallizing idea, but it often causes needless worry, stress, fear and hypervigilance.
The fleeting impressions of a stranger who has no influence over your life, how they percieve you, what thoughts arises as they see you, are their own business.
The thoughts someone may have about you, spanning all across the board, one person thinking and feeling something completely different from another. Some may see you as cold, weird, lame, desperate, and by some I mean a distant acquaintance, whose role in your life as long ago ended.

Why should we attach meaning and importance to the opinions of those who are no longer around, to those who do not care, to those who momenteraly interact slightly with you. If we are preoccupied with the inner dialogue of others at most times, we can easily become blind to the natural expression and desires we have, becoming obstructed by the incessant worry of what others might think. Some will find you attractive and pleasing, others will find you unnattractive and annoying. Its just part of the flow, but it may be wiser to focus on those who enjoy your company.

Yes, some people might have a terrible idea of who you are as a person, and see you as less than good enough, maybe even going as far as seeing you as a beast based upon how you carry yourself, a wackjob, someone with bad judgement. One can muster up all the possibly hurtful things, and someone out there might associate it with you. If you are having such debilitating thoughts about yourself, and suspect others are the same at all times, it might be time to do some rectification. Also if you deeply believe yourself to be unworthy, and start engaging with someone who calls you such to prove them wrong, you might believe it yourself. So what, there are also those who might ser you as kind, a real sweetheart, loving and compassionate. Often more times than not, those wth a better understanding of you see the deeper sides, and the core and more coherent truth of your being.

So go ahead, act cooky, be the lame person in a room, because someone else darting their eyes upon you, might see you as interesting, intriguing and exciting.
And besides, most of the people we pass, we never see again, just a quick passing with no real impact or meaning. So forget trying to impress every person that coexists with you in this world, and rather try to impress those who take the time to be with you, share moments with you, and love with you, and forget what wordplay you inspire in a random room filled with random people, who already has enough on their plate.

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