tirsdag 20. desember 2016

The exaltation of some vs the degradation of others

On the macrocosmic scale different nations, people within those nations tend to construct arbitrary value to a certain expression or way of being, and completely devalue everything that differs in the slightest. 
The dehuminazation of those who speak a language you do not understand, the belittling fo those who have customs and culture you find unappealling. And the creation of enemies for those you do not understand. 
Some nations have rallied behind leaders who might allude to a nation and its inhabitants as being worthless because they do not have the newest iphone. Leaders who might not see people in a different country as equal, because they do not drive a specific kind of car, or listen to the same music or watch the same movies. 
The indifference to destroying a country, because they have no multi billion building projects, and live closer to nature. Perhaps even because they do not drive the same cars. 

Some countries have no qualms about exploiting another country, if the people of that country have darker skin, and arent surrounded be concrete mazes. Seeing them as nothing more than undeveloped countries, because they differ from what we are used to in how they go about their day to day lives.

Examining carefully, as if holding a pair of weights, just how worthy someones life is or isnt, based on how much they like the culture and what it produces. Deeming one country more deserving of peace, stability and monetary safety, because they fit certain biased criteria of esteem. 
The narrative placed upon us since childhood, to sing praises to some nations, while demonizing others, and seeing the inhabitants as demons as well. Not as individuals. Ripe for exploitation, slavery, theft, hijacking of ressources, underminement the soveireignity of the people if they live in one country, but a first class priority if they live in another. 

The narrative that involves the lives of celebrities and leaders, as more important than others for some reason. The social construct we have been fed through media and education, that some do matter more than others. But the universe is endless, and there is no divine hand pointing us in such directions, other than ourselves on this tiny planet. The construct around us, created by us, upheld by us, and maintained by us. But not all structures need to stand.

On a microcosmic scale, we can surely have our own opinions, but when it comes to something as fundemental as lives, justice and fairness, the bigger picture should perhaps be considered.

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