mandag 26. desember 2016

Existing outside of the predisopsed narrative

Sometimes we are swept up by the raging torrent of opinions and judgements, exerting oursves into the action of a grand sea where we are opposing someone or something. Most likely backed by a group of many, forming a band of loud protestors or defendants fuelling one another into fury.
Your time and energy summoned by invisible players using you as a droplet in a bucket of water, to strengthen their own supply. A mere pawn in a greater game, where your personality have been slowly fading away to serve the cause of a stranger. Expected to beleaguer the others to no end.

Sometimes we can make the choice wether to exist in a reality we have created for ourself, shared. Y those we love and those we find interesting, or to exist on a reality created by someone else, where choice has been replaced by commands.
Regardless of what opinions we hold, it is important to remember that we do not need to have an opinion about everything, sometimes it actually does not matter at all. We do not need to make judgements regarding the views and lives others, sometimes it is best to let live. And we do not need to be a part of some grand action involving millions of people.
It is okay to step back, and focus on your own narrative. To know that one does need to be informed about everything, or articulate a thesis on every major event that takes place. If you put too much importance and serious weight to everything that goes on, it can quickly become tedious. Maybe this is what the buddhists know, sometimes it does not matter if you are a part of something or if you have exited the equation.

Such is most frequently seen in opposing ideologies, the left and right, pro or anti, to support or deny.
We forget that there is a life to be lived, our own. Ephemeral moments of delicacy to be had, dalliances to create, the mixing of two compounds, creating something brand new. The effervescent smile between two friends.
The ethereal joy of doing what you like, not involved in politics of mass parties, not connected to the massive web, not reading in on the collectice news stories. Just being where you are, with whomever you are with, enjoying eachother, with no interference.

The world os huge, stuff happening all over. The universe is too big to be put in concieveable meassure, information flowing all over the place, something happening at all times. If always caught up in the narrative of something else, there is no time for respire. If there were 100 planets with intelligent life, our news feed would by overflowing with intel, and some would soak it all up. Marching to the beat of other drummers, to the sound of strangers he or she will never meet.
Instead of creating magic right here and now, some are lured by advertisement, some are spellbound by mirages of ongoing wars and conflict. Some are trapped in meaningless arguments with no diplomatic ends in sight.
Proclaiming their opinion and stand to be the one and only, forever trapped in a macrocosmic narrative, ignoring the microcosm of the here and now. Ignoring the chanche to enrich someones life on an individual basis, even forgetting to fall in love, or simply to love. And all the complicated mess of glorious emotions and sensations that come with it. Do not forget yourself, and the possibility of beauty around you. 

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