mandag 22. august 2016

Why not push the boundaries of goodness, instead of keeping up with the meaningless exploration of evil

History has proven itself to be fraught with torture, discriminnation, murder, genocide, greed, injustice, slavery and undescribable cruelty.
The limits of evil declared and acted upon, has been breached long ago. Mindless doings that causes indescribable hurt and pain, instigated to ensure power, dominance, supposed superiority and influence. 
The barr cannot go any higher, the consequences of evil has shown itself time and time again, and never bringing anything good with it. Screams, tears, hurt, pain, suffering, death, famine and illness are the only things evil can bring.

So we do we see people continuing the exploration of wicked ideas, do we need constant reassurance that the flow will somehow change, and that any good can come from what we already know is wrong. Some sort of confirmation of what is obvious, the obvious fact being that the actions spurred by hatred and cruelty will only result in misery. 
It is easy for disciminnation to evolve into exile, exile to lead into abuse, abuse transforming into murder, murder into mass murder. The seemingly mild forms of hatred quickly escalates into something far more dangerous.
When the seed has been planted, it grows accordingly, needing to be yanked from its roots. 

When record has shown all the ways possibly to induce suffering, all the tools and weaponry to inflict pain, do we really need to continue down such a road. 
Why not try to go the other way around, of goodness. A wild exploration into kindness, love, happines, to dive fully and deeply into the wonders it can bring. 
To explore goodness with wild passion, excitement, not knowing what it will bring or how it will manifest. Goodness has many more options to be felt and senses, many more ways to let itself be known as opposed to evil, which leads to the inevitable. 

Goodness can go in many unknown directions, roads that have not yet been traversed, sights that remain to be seen, emotions of joy waiting to be felt. It is far more mysterious, sensual, imaginative to find ways to love, instead of thinking of what tools can be used for torture and to inflict the utmost physical pain. 
Physical joy has a far bigger scope and range, than the limitations of physical pain. 

lørdag 20. august 2016

The many seemingly contradictory emotions and thoughts we have

We are often coerced into thinking that we can only feel one specific way about a person, a place or a happening. That we must choose between the feelings we hold, while discarding the others that also pop up if they seem irreconcilable. 
The idea that differing feelings cannot co-exist within oneself, that it must be either love or hate, joy or sorrow, and to enforce what sensation we hope will dominate the others.
To quelch one in favor of others, to trample fifteen fleeting emotions to make room for only one. 
Having been influenced by society to respond to people in a specific way, with little room for multiple interpretations and several layers of depth. 

Encouraged to have dislike for former friends, but the feelings of lingering joy they brought us floating to the surface, deeming it unnacceptable to still hold fondness for someone you wish to only associate with one fixed emotion when the partnerships are no longer a focal point of life.
When leaving a former place of residence, institution, town, we are tailored to easily classify the experience as either good or bad, diminishing the impact it has had on us to declare ourselves ready for the future. 

When we try to deny the emotions to be a part of us, no matter how confusing, weird, conflicting and surreal they are, we become frigid to our own truth to be felt and expressed. The impressions we have, are often lasting, and can trigger moods and feelings to simultaneously arise. Several drops of water in a large pond, each containing its own imprint of memory and reactions. 
Someone can trigger both fear, admiration, hope and longing in us, but words are sometimes not enough to describe the bewildering stimulus we have inside. When trying to control the reactions we have, and carefully choosing the response we wish to associate with, it is easy to become blind to the swirling wonders of of life. 
When faced with emotions that seem to contradict each other, know that they can operate together, and that both are valid in its right to be. 
The need to divide, create walls and refusal to interningle differing emotions, often causes a rigid framework that leaves little space for the elusive dance.

Just existing is good enough

We are often told what we need to do in order to improve our worth, our fictional stock of human evaluation, in order to rise in value and allure. 
That we somehow, after a certain age, are expected to evaluate ourselves based on how we do, what we do and how much we do. Most people accepting these imposed requirements, and taking them deeply to heart. If a percieved failure is noted in an area of life, we cast judgement upon that aspect, we ridicule it, bully it and make sure we change the future outcome. 
When always looking at ourselves with scornful eyes, we tend to forget that we would never judge a baby or a child the same way.
A baby is perfect when it is born, and that perfection is retained until passing on. There is nothing we can or cannot do, to qunch that inherent perfection that has always been a part of us. Some things just does not go away.

The things we do in life are glitter added, accesories, appendages to an already perfect existence. We choose to indulge in life, simply because we want to, we choose to find other people, because we need them, we choose to follow our destiny and calling, because we feel like it.
It is a part of enriching the perfection that is already there.
We often become more discerning, even going as far as saying who deserves food and who does not, who is worthy of love, and who is not, who should be alive, and those that should not. When engaging in such abrasive methologies, we often set oursves up for the same scenario, only in a reversal of roles. 
Sme think those who do not work in a hired profession, does not deserve food, and thus, ultimately deserves to die. If found in a similair situation, with no work or home, we have set ourselves up for death because of the pre established mindset cast upon those who came before. We say some people do not deserve love if they have made mistakes or said or done the wrong things, if we ourslves ever were to screw up, we are inadvertedly now in a position where we feel love should be denied. 

The thing to remember is that we are perfect, and that existing, just being around, hanging out, eating, walking, relaxing, is all it takes for us to be divine. Nothing more, nothing less, and if you chose to add on to your experiences, go ahead, but it does not diminish the value of those who lead a different life, or prefer to pursue a different path. 
Just exist, eat a banana, and be cool with that.

torsdag 4. august 2016

When 100 people look at one picture, you might get 100 different reactions.

There is a tendency to believe that a word such as happines can only describe one fixed sensations, and that it is felt on similair terms by all who use that word. A false ideal that we know exactly what another person is talking about if they articulate themselves in a specific way. Within the spectre of human emotions, there are billions of different shades, probably trillions with hints and flavors that make the sensation uniquely felt by the individual proffesing it. 
Some like to say that the world repeats itself endlessly, that there is no true novelty or breakthrough. Such could not be further from truth, the love a mother feels for her child, will he different for every mother, no one way of feeling can be an exact replica of what another feels and experiences. For every expression of love that is shared and brought to existence, it carries with it a unique spark that is new to the history of the universe. 
Sure, some moments and fragments of time might be similair, but do not mistake that for a static cloning operation that needlessly occurs. There are also those times when we might mimic the emotions and sensations of those close to us, in moments of complete unison, while sincerly being in the same space of complete understanding and merging of souls.
But it can be easy to forget that what we think, is not necessarily reflected around us, or how we feel.

Some might find sports and going to the gym shallow endavours, for others, it might bring them such joy and exuberance, that indulging in such activities is unbridled in scope of satisfaction and fullfilment. Some might find a hedonistic lifestyle to be a shallow grave of empty desires, while another person might find it brings them closer to divinty, their own being, the true core of their soul. 
The differences in reaction and pespective can be easy to overlook, quickly clouding our minds with judgement and a complete lack of understanding.
We all react differently to the stimuli and happenings surrounding us, and claiming a monopoly on how we profuse that people should react, should feel, when faced with a specific painting is tyranny. We all operate on different modalities, and a masterpiece to some, might be trash to another. 
The good old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder ringe true, but it also applies elsewhere. 

There are times when we simply refuse to acknowledge the mind of someone else, the heart of a friend, how they might have experienced something, leading into a narrow and claustrophobic corridor where the essence of I is the only essence. 
Just by interacting with a person, you might have 1000 different experinces when different meetings occur. Some might see him or her as evil, some might see kindness, generosity and consideration as integral keys to describe the same person. Even when looking at different angles, your answer might vary, seeing other sides that might shift your perceptions. 

In society at large, there can be a longing for unity by sacrificing true thought or emotions, coercing others i to believing the same as we do, seeing the world in the same colors as we do, people, institusions, politics etc, just to feel a sense of belonging
People forget that there can be a sense of belonging in true acceptance, and that not everyone has to think the same, be the same or act the same in order for there to be unity. It can also occur when there are differences, but such is swept under the carpet by those who profess that similarities is the only way to peace, a homogenized society is the only means to harmony and cooperation. They are obviously consumed by fear.