fredag 10. juni 2016

When we try to set something in stone, we forget that stones break

As time passes on, we believe ourselves to be wiser if we anchor constructs based on hard facts and absolutes with no derivative means to fluctuate. We believe ourselves to be the vessels of knowledge, if we deny room for flow, for the meanings to change, the past to dissolve, the present to unfold. Somehow we clamor to books containing specific facts, and spread the engraved information ceaslessly to others, questioning their intelligence and autonomy if they are not willful reciprocants of said information.
Stuck in the squares and rectangles of a limited imagination and understanding, desperately holding on to snippets of thoughts to construct a rigid reality where unchanging truth is the only way to function.
We seem to forget that we can barely remember what we had for dinner last week, what words were spoken the day before unless we write them down, what actions we took a month before, the faces that pass us by each day. The newspapers of consumed information, cast in the garbage bin moments later.
There is not much that we can truly recall and describe in exact default from our own lives, as the lines seem to blurr interchangeably, the solid memories of today melting by the dawn of the new sun tomorrow.

When we try to project a specific reality around us, such as insisting that a convicted criminal can only be evil, we are presented with evidence by the great jester of the universe to remind us of our ignorance. When we insist that there are no surprises left for us, a shocking awakening taking different forms alights our souls for another challenge to our perceptions. When we commit to an idea of prejudice, we are slapped by a gigantic invisible hand to see another side, and for the spanking to continue until we open our eyes and release the preconcieved notion.

If we try to adamently rule out all variables which has not been experienced by our own subjective truth, we can often become stuck in a narrow tunnel with no flowing lines or dancing shapes. If we come to realize that there is little we can truly know, besides what we ourselves have gone through, we become open to new worlds of possibilities and experience. Even our own subjective truth is fleeting as states in the preface above. Although there are a few things we can know, they are by far exceeded by what we do not.

onsdag 8. juni 2016

There is a tendency to believe that anything that does not benefit us directly, is wrong

This can be seen throughout the span of history, it even goes to such lengths that people believe anything of which they do not simply like or agree with must be somehow evil. With an overarching emphasis on ones personal emotions and reactions and what it can offer us.
Some Americans did not like communism, so they want to war in Vietnman and slaughtered thousands simply because they do not agree with it. Some people feel a hint of uncomfortable sensations arise when being around gay people, so they convince themselves those people must be evil simply because it does not jive with them. This slight unease causes some to violently attack, harass and discriminate.
These are some of the bigger examples, but it extends beyond. Some might think that an employer has made the wrong decision by default if they are not the ones promoted, because it does not exalt them in any way. Some might think that a woman is selfish if she goes through with a divorce, because it felt wrong to her partner, and therefore the moral conviction that she has caused ill is enforced. 
Som might think that a culture is backwards and lazy, if it does not operate under the same terms as theirs. Because anything that differs from what they themselves enjoy and thrive being a part of, must be described in deragatory terms. 
The false notion that anything which feels wrong to oneself, must belong to a vicious and corrupt adversary with cruel thoughts and intensions. The truth can never be so black and white, and those who easily labels and discriminates any factor or game they do not wish to play, fails to see more perspectives than just one. The one stemming from themselves.
Even going so far as saying that any opinion or sentiment which does not come into allignment with mine, is predetermined to be wrong. Neglecting any room for a middel ground, and being caught up in ones own rigid beliefs.
We also see this clearly in politics, where any candidate that does not directly appeal or promise greater riches and opportunity to the camp you place yourself in, must be the spawn of an evil underworld. 
The concept of good and evil is crass, when the lines have always been vague and undescript. We do not always know how our actions influnce others, or how it shapes our environment. When someone makes a decision or move where you feel shafted, try to remember that there are several factors at play which led them to such actions, and that it does not directly have to please or sooth you in order to be classified as right or wrong. 

The rampant I give you something you give something to me conundrum

In society today we see people obsessing over services, services they can offer others, and services they demand in return. This is seen most clearly in the workforce, where there is tangible means to make others to stuff for you. We invest several hours a day, doing something for someone else, so that they in return will do something for us by giving them money. 
Thinking it must be worth offering all those hours in order to get a paycheck, so that we can use that paycheck to recieve goods and services from others. 
Some people spend their entire lives to make others their servants, to have other people make their food, fly their planes, deliver their groceries, create their clothes, arrange their furniture, craft their stuff. Being rejoiced by the fact that somebody somewhere did something for them, and thinking that this is a perfect circle of justice and truth. 
In western society we feel an aching need to have supposed choices, that there must be five grocery stores right next to eachother because we prefer the høres employes in one place over the other, because one store is 5 minutes closer than the next. All the stores having to be bemanded by a willing straff to indulge your need for self-indulgence by giving you their time and efforts. 

When did so many forget that it is possible to do things oneself, that it is okay to make your own food and give freely without demanding anything in return, or throwing a hissy-fit if what you believe you deserve is not served in return. People often forget that they can use their own imagination, creativity and will to be an integral part of life. Instead of expecting that it is always someone elses job to practice their own power to benefit us. It is quite the exhausting circle to be a part of, when ruled by concepts such as give and take. Believing that if you give something, you have the divine right to also take. If the process is not functioning properly according to your beliefs, you start to belittle those who did not give you what you wanted.

Being lulled into believing that in order for contentment and happines to arrive, we must be given something, aquire something, have others treat us in a very certain way, entertain us by giving them money, only a good meal if we pay someone for it. The idea that having others cradle us, do stuff for us, take care of us, give us stuff by paying them, as the only way to reach nirvana. You can create yourself, share, enrichen your environment, simply by being and knowing you do not need all that. 

It is quite possible to live peacefully, without always having servants employed around you, without feeling the need to throwing your money around in order for people to caress you, or caress other people to get their money. An old saying goes the best things in life are free, for where is the authenticity behind such a construed reality. Where the reactions and actions always have to operate like a clockwork or a machine. We throw free will out of the window when we expect the constructed system to always run in a perfect manner, without any room for imagined error or fault. 
Ask yourself why you feel the need to engage in such a gigantic wheel, is it because this is how you were told truth and beauty works, and that anyone who does not partake lacks those things. If you stoff at the concept and reality of slavery, realize that you indulge in a lesser variant of the same thing when you demand others to bend to your will in the name of money and time you spent aquiring those money. If we only give our time and efforts to have piles of money, so that other people can give their time and efforts to have piles of money, is there not something sad about such a reality? You do not always need others to live up to the enforced expectations you place on them, wether it be in the workplace, home, amongst friends or anywhere for that matter, because no one is your appointed slave, and you are the slave of no one. 
Give freely, and sometimes take freely, but try to let it be authentic, because a robotic and static world  is doomed to be boring and sad.