torsdag 14. april 2016

No man is an island, but some sure would want it that way. Good luck with that.

No man or woman can live in an isolated space without going bonkers, there is a reason why solitary confinement can drive annonse nuts.
Imagine a life spent in complete darkness, in the confines of a dark room, with no sunshine, no sound, no furniture, no outer influnces to enrich our senses. The result would be a complete dud, a man with no voice, no ability to speak, walk or know anything besides a crippling stillnes that has permiated his every cell and fiber in his body.
No expansion, nothing to learn, just a blob of energy that cannot navigate himself, or be a part of anything besides his own insulated mind that has recieved no stimuli. A being enraptured in complete nothingness, because he was never introduced to the world beyond his four walls that kept him imprisoned.

We can use this analogy and compare it to those who wish to live in a bubble, those who dare not to question themselves, challenge their own mind, vehemently refusing to recieve no inspiration or sparks of enlightenment from others. Believing that the tiny world he or she is able to comprehend, is the only thing that matters, the only way, the only road to salvation, the only road to happines. 
There are people like this all around us, those who swear by their beliefs to such an extent, their upbringing, the place they call home, that they never take a step outside of their comfort zone.
Prefering to have as little interruption as possible, no one to approach their doorstep with a differing viewpoint, only hanging out with those that mirror their exact thoughts and moves, and only reading and watching stuff that reinforces the reality they have created for themselves. 

There is no denying the fact that no man is an island, and that we all influence eachother in varying degrees, and that without the treasure chest of boundless toys to play with, we would never be subjected to something unknown and new. No way to find inspiration, if we have nothing to pull from, no way to take a stroll, if there are no roads or earth to walk upon, no way to experince love, if we have no reference as to how it feels like, no way to hear music, if no one ever created an instrument or dared to sing. 
There is no shame in admitting that we all constitute and contribute to something on this earth, that without others, there is nothing to be felt. Something can arise within us from anything, but without this ever changing place that gives form to concepts, thoughts, ideas and longings, we would have no springboard to catapult from. An empty room with one wooden toy to inspire play, is better than nothing. A giant maze with two others searching for something, is better than one doomed to never encounter anyone there. Maybe two people after wandering for years, eventually will stumble into eachother in the maze, and rejoice in knowing they no longer have to walk alone.
Be open to new impulses, ideas and thoughts, because sometimes, it adds the spice you didn't know you wanted in life, sometimes it is the harbinger of an element that can inspire and enrich your soul.

So dont be a close minded conservative fool yall :-) who bashes and hates everything different from oneself, who wishes to kill and eradicate anything that creates wonder and confusion. Someone who becomes enraged by anything he or she cannot understand, or is driven into a mad fury whenever they feel the chaos of the unknown knocking. Open the door yall :-) dont be a small minded, foolish cunt of a bitch, who only swears by one plate of food, one book, one sentiment, one ideal, one perspective, keep that to yoself yo :-)

onsdag 13. april 2016

Sometimes the path of least resistance, aint so bad

We can often operate on terms that goes against ourselves, seek out people, places etc where we do not really want to be or fit in. Try to get a job we do not really want, or that seems unappealing to us, try to hang with a crowd we feel uncomfortable with, and have next to nothing in common with. Trying to squeeze ourselves through tiny key holes, just to prove a point that it can be done. When there are other doors open for you with no keys required.

Always going against the stream to channel some kind of message, trying to teach someone around us about something they do not really need to know. Walking through doors where we dont like the interior, and demanding ourselves to stay there because we believe it to be expected of us. Wearing perfumes with a funky odor we do not like, just to seemingly impress someone. Eating foods that give us no joy, because we believe we should be on a diet. Chasing an occupation we secretly abhor, because someone somewhere told us it would give great financial reward. 

Being in constant opposition to oneself, clamoring for validation and recogniction from a crowd of people you do not mesh with. To top it all of, seeing out those people actively. Only to inevitably experience that one does not feel at home, or that it is an environment that brings inner satisfaction or a sense of peaceful harmony. Resisting what we know deep inside is right for us individually, not searching for the activity that elevates us, not recognizing those who accept and embrace you, instead shifting ones focus to those who will give you a never ending challenge.

We sometimes have to feel our way through life, and we instinctually pick up on subtle clues all around us, as to who we are attracted to, who we spend our time with, where we feel like travelling, what we feel like accomplishing, the inner compass is always in full motion, but it is our decision as to wether we follow it or not. There can of course be notable differences between people, and still get along fabulously, but sometimes we just know where and with who we belong, despite the conditioning of society telling us it will not work. There is a difference between that, and forcing oneself to be with people or places one simply isnt happy. Happines can be sparked by the most unlikely people as well. When we become aware of our own feelings, and honor them and what our intuition tells us, we will come to feel the radiance of our hearts.

There are of course some groupings, organizations and hurdled masses of people that allow less individuality to shine through, in favor of a doctrined organism that thinks and acts alike, and any sign of difference is seen as a something to get rid of and shunned without a trial or regulation. While those who are perhaps a bit more liberal in their approach to life, are more open to welcome differences while being able to get along and find good company with someone who differs from themselves. To see the blending that it can bring, instead of treating those who seem different like a vermin. Certain countries and institutions where everyone has to be alike and think alike just to stay alive, is not very dignified. 

When knowing oneself, and being strong and form in knowing who we are, sensing the core of our very being, the soul that resides within us, our own energetic field and radiance, it becomes easter to naturally be guided to where we need to go, what we need to see and experience, and where we are welcomed. There can only be so much disparancies one man can take, only so many obvious differences in behavior and opinion, before becoming exhausted by the inevitable clash between oneself and the mirror before you.

Sometimes it does seen like certain stuff is predetermined by fate, a timid and shy woman with a calm temperament could force herself to work within the police force, but will probably at some time be forced out of there. She can either keep on fighting against the established facts, or find a place more in tune with her temperament. A gay man can desperately try to fit in within orthodox christians, and bang against every wall, until he reaches a point where he sees the fruitlessnes of his efforts, and instead finds a tribe of people that welcomes him just as he is. 
We decide for ourselves for how long we wish to tear ourselves up, and curse the very DNA of our soul, or we can decide to be okay with the tools we have been given, natural talents, ethics, morals, and be part of a system that encourages us, and where we can encourage ourself. 
Does fate play a part in this, and are there forces outside encouraging us to be true to ourself, and presenting us with hurdles until we can finally accept who we are, and then go there, either mentally, physically or spiritually. 

Maybe we always have enough, that feelings of lacking something, is self-imposed

We can find ourselves in all variety of places and situations in life, sometimes we may have a lot of monetary funds, be surrounded by the sun, be in a huge company of friends, and sometimes the reverse is where we end up at times.
When we look around, see who surrounds us, what we are privileged enough to live and experince, what something may teach us, whos hand we might hold, where the next smile comes from, that fun idea we just had, the good meal we just recieved, the fresh smell of flowers.
There is always something there for us to feel content, but we may close our eyes and senses, and see only what is not there. To only reach for that which we wish to materialize, to only dream about the person outside of our border. 
Not seeing the ones who present themselves here and now. To neglect the help we have been given, and murmur about the times no one extended a hand. 
Do we always need much more, does everything have to be replaced, when can we finally come to the conclusion that we do have exactly what we need in this moment. We are alive, we can breath, we can make choices and go outside, to see the butterly that appears from nowhere. 
Does a whole swarm of butterflies need to manifest itself in order for it to be satisfactory, must the sun shine just a little brighter for it to feel good, does the chinese food need paprika in order for it to be satisfactory, when all the other elements are there. 
Must a movie inkludert your favorite actress for it to be good, can a bed only be comfortable if it represents your go to brand. Can a friend only be good enough if he gives you an occasional massage.

Sometimes we are given chocolate ice cream, sometimes strawberry or maybe even peach or lemon. Should we deny ourselves the right to enjoy the ice cream if it does not have sprinkles, or is two cones instead of three. 
What is it in your life now, that you have deemed unworthy of bringing you inner peace, what brick walls have you built to block the view in your garden. Somehow, we have always made it, still being here, and when looking back, seeing that you had everything you needed in that moment, seeing that you have everything you need right now.

The strength inside we believe to be lacking, the courage to make change, the valor to follow your desires, is already there, it has always been there. And what is inherently yours, can never be taken away, only blocked by yourself. By the frightening trolls and demons you have conjured up before you. To deprive oneself of something one already has is impossible, but one can fight it, try to burn it,  get rid of it, but somehow it always finds its way back. When you need strength, it is there, when you need joy, it will appear, when you need support, it will show up, when you need love, it will find ITS way to you, because the universe is benevolent, a magic treasure box that holds everything you need, just be open to see it yourself, and appreciate how it presents itself to you. It might not always be how you imagined, but it will be there, it already is. 

mandag 11. april 2016

Life, it doesnt have to be so serious

Some people frem and obsess over the slightest things, and may be subjected to serious depression if they find that their hair sint they way they want it be, and spend most of their time obsessing over the sad fact that they are so self absorbed. Believing that their hair is what the universe revolves around, and always feeling low and sad if the barber did a supposed mistanke for months or years.
Taking it so seriously, that they deny themselves joy or love.

Others take their own bodies so seriously, that they have to he admitted to a mental hospital due to a deteriorating health, caused a crazy sense of self-importance, and that their bodies must weigh a specific amount, or look a very distinct way, otherwise, their inner universe is doomed to collapse while trying to drag as many people as possible with them.

Some take their work so seriously, that they neglect themselves from having any fun, and believe signing rudementary and disposable papers to be more important than things such as love, friendships, adventure etc. Never finding a balance, because work always comes first, why, because it is a very serious thing. Som Even let their relations collapse and die, because they would rather spend time at the office. 

Some take their own words and thoughts so seriously, that they are willing to partake in endless arguments and discussions, that sometimes lasts an entire life. Believing that their opinions are so important, that som could even kill or die for them. Politicians or religious fanatics spending countless hours a day, trying to convince others of what they believe to be true and just, being left with a permanent frown and never a good nights sleep because there is always some people to be swayed and convinced by their subjctive opinions. 

Some take their presentation so seriously, that they deliberate everything they say or do to th slightest detail, so that no one will ever supposedly be put og by them. Going back and forth and constantly thinking that there is someone who will judge them if they say a wrong thing, or think ill of them if they do something bad. Being hyper aware of how everything they do, will cause some kind of reaction, always thinking it will be much bigger and grand than it actually is. 

Certain activists taking the state of the earth so seriously, that they always have to find a fault in someone or something, a country never being good enough, a group of people they with to oppose, everything is a potential disaster, and the world is always on the brink of destruction because of someone or something. They must tire eventually of the white knight armod they have put on, and begin to realize that wearing a black armod can also be chic and appropriate. The same goes for those who take it upon themselves to discriminate and ruin lives of others based on petty arguments and conditioning, maybe they will come to the conclusion that bashing LGBT people is unnessescary, and that what others do isnt so serious to the fate of the universe, and that starting a witch hunt with pitchforks is kinda lame and boring compared to other stuff one can do with the time we have ben given.

So dont take everything so seriously, we are all in this play house together, there are plenty of toys to find in the treasure chest and to make something fun and exciting with. 

A trillion gazillion perspectives and ways, the billions of choices we can make

The endless universe, the unique experinces of a soul, the journey one makes.
The feelings and sensations that we have, the people and places we go, seen through the eyes of one, meeting the eyes of another. 
No one with the exact same trip, the unique fabric of a soul and what it has been through, seen, heard, touched and experince. The futile quest of some trying to define a life in simple terms, label a person with det words. Nothing is ever the same, a trip overseas ventured by one, will not experince, reflect and see the same things as another. 
The endless tapestry of our universe, spanning trillions of dimensions, stars, universes, planets and stars. The meeting of two souls, in a maze so large that it has no end. They found eachother in the glimpse of eternity.
How can we judgement what is the right way, proclaim what is the correct way of living, homognizing existence and trying to push and pull it into a crammed box. The limited perspective of some, who can only see their own life, disregarding the value and beauty of another they will never know.

Being trapped within the confines of a limited state, trying to rescue others from an experience they try to claim. To own the soul of another, steer it away from its inherent truth, to regard one as more important than another. 

When there are so many doors, so many windows of opportunity, how do we walk through the right ones. With endless possibilities, states of mind, words and actions we can take and create, what guides us in a specific direction. What ushered us to make earth our current destination in the endless pilgrimage. With the endless variety of the universe, we are now here, free to make some choices, while others made for us. 
The compass guided us here, to dance with the variations of people and places we come across. Some feel familiar and some feel new, do not dictate how others should feel and what they can do, the freedom of the soul, do not put chains and prejudice on what doesnt belong to you. The free will to indulge and dance with life, casting judgement and restrction on what we do not know or understand, with the trillions of perspectives and ways of being floating around, find the ones who will hold your hand.