mandag 31. august 2015

We are not animals who only should chase food, survival, baby making and hunting.
We are beings in need of emotions, thoughts, reflections, aspirations, hopes, dreams, consciousness, sadness, melancholy, laughter, joy, adventure, trust, security,sex,  happines, art, creativity, entertainment, change, beauty, love, friendship, intimacy etc to feel a sense of spark and liveliness.
Those aspects of us that need outlet should never be repressed, quenched or killed off by ourselves and others,
Without those things, when we are told only to consider survival (money) food (fuel) and baby making (genetic release), and forget all other aspects that make us unique.
We become much like animals, and animals do cruel things to each other.
The law of man and woman, is not the law of the jungle, there is a clear distinction,
And those places where others seem to forget what inherently makes us unique, cruelty and thoughtlessnes ensues.
Where the emotions of an individual are considered unimportant, where thoughts and need of knowledge is forbidden, and to ponder and make reflections is banned and punished.

Why kill what makes us unique, why kill the potential that lies within, the beautiful potential of possibilities and realizations that can arise and come through.
Why should questions not be asked, why should emotions not be an integral part of life, why should thinking be considered tiresome.
Unless we want to be like the animals, it is time to start paying attention to each other, to recognize that we are more than animals, and we always have been.
Animals should not be our role models, where they act much alike, behave in the same manner, humans do not. We are all individual, and to conform and project ideas of all being in the same way, without individuality, is pushing barbaric ideals.
To see the kaleidoscope of life within all of us, and the glimmering and fantastical lights it creates. The sensations within, reflected on to the outside world, not put in a box to collect dust in the attic.
We are more than just food, survival and procreation
Live the unique light belonging to you,
Although others might deem it unimportant and insignificant, it is what makes you who you are, and that should never be forgotten.
Let your freedom shine bright, it is a human right.

lørdag 29. august 2015

Stranded in the middle of a vast ocean,
The boat has no sail.
The wind has ceased,
Only the great skies above,
And the frightening waters below.
I get up to my knees,
There are islands waiting to be explored,
Bursting with life, trees and birds,
The life has ceased in my bones.
The contrast of what lies beyond,
Hampered by the chains within.
I smell the exotic fruits,
I hear the merry and joy,
I see the potential of what awaits me,
Nowhere to be found in this boat.
Days pass,
Nights spent in dreams,
I am allowed to visit,
A short glean I am granted,
The sun erases them all.
I leave the boat,
And force my body to swim,
A false spell of safety had been cast,
The Islands were within my grasp.

A place where no words can hide truth,
where the shifting skies share a beacon of the pink light.
The whistling leaves leave you with no doubt,
there is no uncertainty of the beauty before you.
You are not left wondering of truth,
the truth shows itself as a cold gust of wind caressing your soul.
There is nothing to discern,
the tall trees hold no judgement.
A bird shows itself,
curious of your presence.
It is on a journey just like yourself.
Dawn is approaching,
but the dark bears no lies.
The sun is resting,
and the moon now resides.
Sensations overflowing,
the nature around you bears no grurdge,
it allows you to be.
Be one by its side.

The entirety of the situation was at odds with my perception,
Something felt off,
But I let the feeling squander under the guise of logic explanation.
A twilight zone,
Where truth was infused with the posion of lies.
An apple rotting,
Convincing yourself it had a sweet smell.
No fresh fruit was served,
Only the leftovers they could muster up to give you.
Such a skewed image of love presented,
One could not grab hold,
It was never there to turn a cold body warm.
Only cling to the illusion of another day,
Such sparks would be felt,
But the moment ceased to present itself,
But hope refused to be dispelled.
An odd situation,
Kept hostage to falsities,
But one could hear the bell,
An assembly of notes chiming,
Truth is coming your way.

fredag 28. august 2015

Do not chase after those who do not accept you, see you, appreciate you, and see the true colors of the individual you are, and your needs for hapiness and love.
Those with scorn or judgement, will remain scornful in their opinions, and a mind that has made up an opinion, is a really long and tiresome struggle to try to change.
Your worth is worth more, and it is diminishing when feeling the need to correct, educate, explain and try to show anything by example to contradict their set views and opinions.
Turn the other cheek, turn your mind and attention elsewhere,
Because feeling the need to rectify, better and improve the opinions of others of yourself,
Is not very productive nor does it give you or others anything of value.
Its a desperate attempt to make them see the light within you that will never disappear, but their eyes and minds too clouded to see.
Such people can go elsewhere, and allign themselves with what they find to be good and true,
And if your core values, your deepest needs arent seen as good and true by them,
You simply are too different to function together, and thats okay. Just walk the other way.

Emotions are beautiful. What you and others feel on the inside, are worth acknowlodging, sharing and experiencing together.
Emotions are not something to be hidden, shunned upon, seen as weakness or deficit. Those who are strong allow emotions to flow through them, allows the inner currents to flow gracefully. Being recpetive to the emotions of others, their needs, their deep longings and wishes.
Not judging what they feel, not saying how they feel is right or wrong.
Being there for others, being kind with the emotions of others, handling them with great care and affection.
Not something frivilous to be stomped upon, spat on, disowned. It is part of our core, something we must be proud of, elevate, nurture and give whilst also recieving.
When others are sharing, you have responsibilties, responsibility to be there for them, the heart is sensitive and vital, it will always keep on beating.
The heart where emotions pour out from, whether they be joyous, happy, filled with laughter, amusement and content, celbratory emotions. Honest emotions, honest living.
Take intomyour being what life has to give, what others have to give, dont block the sensations from coming.
With great emotional bonding, also comes the trust that they will be taken care of, cradled and kissed.

Also being mature with your emotions, accepting that life and circumstance cannot be exactly as you want it to, coming into acceptance that others are fine just the way they are, that life is beautiful just the way it is. And to cultivate happines, not resentment, jealousy, anger, spite and bitterness.
To never try to manipulate the hearts of others, to change their core, to exert dominance and cold power to bend others to your way.
Never to use emotional insight and knowledge for selfish gains, for superficial reasons and egotistical desires.
Grow the flowers that give a good scent, smell and indulge in those flowers. And trust that you dont have to dominate and control the course of actions around you, based on fear of loss or that the world around you will change for the worse, that something bad might happen. Your loved ones are fine, you are fine, dont let your fearful emotions make you lose your faith in yourself or others. The love you feel for others, they also feel for you. You would not doubt the love in your heart, so the time has fome to stop doubting the love in the hearts of others they care deeply for you too. It goes both ways.

Knowing how important it is to be self-nurturing, to not wait, expect, demand others to comfort your emotions, say what you want to hear, act in ways to make them indulge in your every need you do not offer to yourself.
If you do not treat yourself nicely, you are starved for others to do so, you act in ways to make them give you the assurance you refuse to give yourself. You are crippled by the anticipatipn, hope and time spent prayong for others to say or give you what you want and need.

You cannot exist in such a state of waiting, time is wasted, when the nurturer also comes from within. Tell yourself you are beautiful, loveable, nice (but then do remember to act on those principles), and when others do tell you such, bask in the moment, love them even more, feel the sensations, allow their words to enter and caress you.

If you always longing for comfort from others, it will never truly satisfy, because there is a contradictory voice within denying yourself from feeling adequate. And even when others do tell you nice things, you find them hard to believe, and therefore do not recieve.
When being okay, good, great with yourself, you allow yourself to do more good, to participate, create and share, to let the inner light shone bright. It does not shine equally bright when troubled by a nagging voice putting yourself down.

Be okay with others, what they say, what they dont say, and when you accept the expression of yourself and those around you, life flows more freely. Instead of trying to force a moment, a statement, a happening or words. Those things come naturally, trust that they do, trust others.

Knowing that when allowing insecurities to rule, self-doubt, self-sabotaging. Those inner thoughts and words can manifest around, and turn into verbal hurt being thrown in others direction, thus your own self critizicing manifests as critizicing others, becaude the turnoil within finds a way out. Do not nurture such turmoil of the mind, because it does not benefit you or those you love.

Knowing that whatever may happen, you cannot always control your emotions and how you respond, nor that of others, but to behave in a kind manner, be understanding, compassionate of the feelings others hold inside. And nurture yourself and others, even though they may not do as you like, as you please or act in ways thst might spark insecurities within, allow them to be themselves, live life, and to not let it rattle your core, and when feeling good about oneself, you create more good.

Being okay, confident, great, even though things do not always go that best suits you, that would give you most gratification, having that inner voice of reassurance anyways. Being okay with your environment, people, to the best of your ability. Because time spent in disharmony, fear, hurt, is time that leads to no productivity, betterment and future joy. It only cripples.

Objectification and generalizations.
There is a tendency to lump a big group of people together under the same umbrella and coin a term to justify this enforced vague characterisations of said people.
A few descriptory words tossed in, no in-depth thinking, no seeing the individuality of each person.
To some, if you fit the stereotype of the umbrella the social constructions has created, you are nothing more and nothing less than a short paragraph.
No life experince, no memories, no personality, no hopes, dreams and desires. Those things does not exist when it comes to the supposed truth of the objectification some people feverently uphold.
Those who do not see beyond, only see a couple of manufactured dolls crated under strict protocol to be alike by the factory that churns them out.
They then read the pamplet on the box to know what to expect by the dolls.
The dolls all look the same, and they believe the figmented dolls to actually be real people. Although the dolls only are a mental construct.
People are not dolls to be lumped together under a word, paragraph or sentence.
Those who can only see the word, not the names of the individuals, tend to forget that their existence can also be reduced to a supposed descriptory word.
Not fun.

Do not discriminate against what you can love in yourself and most importantly in others.

Love others when they are simply farting, do not create a pyramid of unnaceptable behavior, resulting in you not deeming them worthy of love. Love them when they sit quietly, not saying a word. Love others when they are picking their nose. However they are, whatever they do, enjoy the soul of the person and appreciate it no matter how it acts and presents itself.

Do not strangle what you can love, make it wear a harness, create a list for it with top tens and top lows. Do not make the moment, sensation, surroundings, people conform to a false ideal of how it should be, and telling yourself, only then can you be content and happy with yourself or others.

Do not create complicated rules of behavior, of expression that is permittable to love and not to love. See the good, enjoy the moment that presents itself, and those you share it with. Do not think of how you wish things or people should be, do not limit the greatness of their souls that is inherently beautiful no matter what.

The same goes for yourself. Love yourself when simply enjoying a cigarette, love the casual stroll in the woods, love the future and the past for what it was, love the present for what it is. Life presents itself, and is manifested in countless ways, do not chastize or circumvent the natural flow.

Also remember to care for and nurture yourself. When trapped in a flow of thinking low of yourself, you become paralyzed, stuck, simply unable to share of yourself with others or do anything. When you diminish the sunshine within, the rays are less felt by others, and you are not able in the same ways to contribute to life and those around you. When being kind to yourself, you allow yourself to flow, to do, to live, to act, to walk, to simply be a part of it all. When troubled by inner doubts and fears, you lock yourself in, shutting down the curtains, not allowing anyone in, nor anything out. Do not diminish or doubt your own light that forever burns, even when covered with layers of curtains. When the roses cultivated within are watered with love, self-care and affection, you are more able to give those things out to the world and the people you hold dear and love in your heart.

When you hold gratitude, compassion, appreciation, love, happines and zest for lfie in your heart, the outward world will feel those emotions. Whether it be kindness for another person, yourself, as you feel on the inside, your immediate world is colored and affected.

Accepting that others have various paths, abilities, talents and experiences, that consists of making them wo they are, and this what creates variery in this world.
When knowing that no two lives will ever be the same, no to people will have the same inprint and effect on others and themselves. All are unique, and all deserve the experiences and possibilties they instrincticly deserve and should be blessed with.
When thinking one deserves more than another, we become jaded, wanting the scales to tip more in our favor of how others should live and behave.
We all come here with the desire to live, dream, feel. And no one should be deprived of those things they long for when coming here. It is an utter impossibility to be through the exact same things, as we are all individuals. No one person should become jealous of the accomplishments, efforts and hard work that some have put into their "desired constellation," we cannot accomplish everything, feel and see everything in one life. Thats why we have each other, to share as much as possibly, try to learn and understand.
Always see the glass as full as possible, honor what you yourself have felt, learned and enjoyed, and will continue to learn.
When stuck in trying to limit others, we also become unable to live our own lives, because time and energy spent cursing others, is time we could have spent enriching our own and others lives. Nor does it feel any good to be mad and angry.

It is always best to focus on the dreams of oneself, to not be clouded in trying to possess the dreams of others. The lives of others. When such happens, there is no opportunity to create the life your soul longs for.

The perceptions of negativity and positivity runs deep in most of us.
We label the interactions, expressions and modus operandi of those around us and our own as positive/ngative.
One specific expression is wrong, because of one reason or another. Another way of expression is right, because ive been told so by society.
Most stuff in this world is primarily social constructions, that have been passed on as absolute truth and therefore few question the validity of the information presented to them.
This is particularly clear when it comes to racism, discrimination and hatred for others.
They have been educated or been around environments where such things are encouraged, and the justification comes in a plethora of packages.

For some people, they have a perfect mental image of how things should be, their thoughts structured like that of a five year old playing with her malibu barbie house, and any man besides the impeccable ken simply wont do and is unacceptable.

Black and white thinking that is still stuck in the days of elemtary upbringing.
Some examples: that music is wrong and immoral, that man is not good enough, that movie lasted 2min too long, that person does not have a wife and 2 kids, therefore he is negative and labaled as such.
And everything that does not fit into this rigid barbie malibu illusion, is discarded and frowned upon.

The universe is endless, there is no flower telling us what we should do, no formation in the skies partaining that one way of being is more right than the other. No vibrations from the earth telling us that women should act this way, men should act that way in a coded language.

The bias we hold as to how it is "okay" to be, is entirely man made.
However, as we co-exist, why not try to create social constructions that benefit all, and that doesnt involve the propaganda of hatred, anger and injustice.

This is applicable to the life of the individual as well, as there are many constructions as to what it is okay to like, what one should feel shameful for finding positive (no gain in shame), how it is okay to dress, and what dress-codes are likely to be shunned upon. How we react to celbrities going outside of the box is a clear sign of the narrow structures one is allowed to express oneself within.

Some areas of the world are more conservative than others, but when there is a public outcry and shaming of those who might act or behave in an unexpected manner, it is time to ask the question as to why this causes such an angry reaction in many.

Now, I fullt support the right of opinions, I have plenty of them. I dont like those who try to put chains and limit the freedom of others, I dont like those with extremely conservative outlooks and preach to others that they should censor themselves, i do like niche stuff, entertainment that goes outside of the box of a movie should be 2 hours long, strucured in this way, actors being that.

But when your daily routine consists of bringing down others, pointing out the flaws in others based on your own perception, its time to check yourself.

Ive always believed in do what brings joy to yourself and those around joy, and that feelings of joy and happines and the catalyst for such should not be frowned upon. So if you do like watching moomin at 60-years of age, if you do feel like wearing prevocative clothing, if having a stamp collection, if loving soccer is your number one passion, go for it. There are too many people beng in th business of others, and sharing hatred and anger around the world as if it is necessary. Its not. Do what makes you happy, and do it well.

Not feeling the need to know, in the age of click-baits and excessive pieces of words and sentences strung together.
There is always a piece of information to chase, a sentiment someone may have made about you, a remark about anothers perception of something. A bottomless pit where you can keep digging, only with faint allusions that you are somehow getting closer to what you need to know.
Hours and days spent calculating and debating the world and its ever changing flow, getting sucked into the whirlpool of opinions, thoughts and deliberations.
Constructing a puzzle from scratch, only to disturb the full picture willingly to entertain the mind.
Creating a question out of thin air, claiming it has an answer, but does it?
Everyone is a critic, and the scrutiny never ends, its up to you wheter to jump into the pit of endless confusion, or to take a step back, and be okay with not knowing the supposed answers another just confronted you with.

Everything will keep expanding, growing, its just how it is... But for every extension, every encounter, every thought that may arise, will you chase the apple rolling down the hill, the apple of knowledge. There is no one piece of knowledge, insight or morality that applies to all, unless it encompasses every expression individuals make. The wings are being clipped, and clarity of mind is no longer allowed. Welcome, you have entered the pool with trillions of tidbits, click-baits, perceptions and personal convictions and truths. Do you need to gather the pieces once more, or step away from the puzzle and be ok with, whatever is. Okay with the fact that everyone is entitled to their own convictions, truths, without having to persuade and change what you see around.
To manipulate the pool, hold the hand in your water and try to create a sculpture of water to make a point.
My only advice is, be okay with your own truth, your own joy, the moments you share with others. Have a sense of wonder, exploration, but think about the direction the compass and map is pointing towards. You Dip your feet into the pool of the tiring and demanding waters , but dont drown in it.

Promoters of hate and fear.

It doesnt matter what type of fear or hatred some might promote, in the end, its the perpetrators who have to live with the feelings and sensations such thinking and speech magnifies.
If you hold hatred within your heart, for a certain group of people, an invisible thing, for whatever it may be, it is always far more damaging for the ones who harbors such emotions, for they have to live with it every single day, all the time. Always feel hatred, anger, spite for something.
Can you imagine such a state?
And so, they try to relieve themselves from this self-inflicted curse, by spewing the toxic they brew inside, the toxic that keeps on being expanded. Those they might project it too, might feel the acid sting for minutes or a couple of hours, but sooner or later, the uncomfortable sensations fade due to the toxic being incompatible in their system.
While some are brewing grounds, holding big acid storage tanks within them, others prefer a river of pure water to flow through their system. Water that nourishes, replenishes and heals. Water that brings joy, love and happines to others.
So, when you share the hatred you allow fester within, you are the real victim, the one who is really hurting all the time, and if you keep the same mindset and perspective, the hatred will never go away.

Same goes with those who spread fear, telling others to be afraid, be vary, to not trust the goodnes and benevolence thst the universe has to offer. To see the worst, expect the worst, these sensations might cross those in an opposite mindset, but rarely lingers.
Those who live in fear however, it always lingers, and the desire to spread and share this fear, is nothing more than a desperate attempt to make it go away. It wont as long as you nurture it, feed it and salvitate it.

Being in bubbles of certain energies and traversing between the spheres.
There is enery everywhere, a trademark smell if you like, a certain distinction that makes a place, situation special.
These can be called in one language, bubbles, energy fields, where something may be predominant, a certain modus operandi is operating, you can let yourself visit the myriad of places that each hold distinct energies.
You can also be somewhere and not let the energies soak in, to not let yourself get carried away by the current. To create a sorta shield around yourself to prevent the waters from seething into your skin.
Some of these places, of course, may make you lesser than, bring you down.
So why spend time, focus and energy on those planes of existence (just difference, no better or worse)
That you dont feel comfortable in. Some of these spheres contain several people, some only two, some 10.
There is energy everywhere, so reside in the pools of energy that soothes you. Who likes a cold shower anyways?

You can try to influence others, to persuade them to think the way you do, act the way you do, see the world the way you do. But why would you?
If all were to enforce their beliefs, their understanding, and paint the world in their own colors exclusively, and demand that the canvas should be clean for their brushes.
Its an uphill battle with no end.
Be mindful of how you yourself see the world, know what makes you happy, appreciate the way you think, and let it be free will as others may adopt the words and thoughts spoken by you.
Force and controlled regulation of others only hinders the canvas to be beautiful.
It tears the paper apart, it leaves no room for beautiful accident to occur. For the spontaniety to unfold.
You can try to be strict, to have set ideas of how others should behave, think and feel.
But that does no one any service. To deny others of the free flow of expression within, longing to get out, demanding others to change.
It can be seen as a violation, breaking into someones home where they are comfortable and re-arranging the furniture to your liking.
Let their homes be, their inner sanctuary free.
Let them plant the flowers of their liking in the garden they grow.
Do not step on them if the follow a shape you dissaprove of.

Be content with yourself, and also be content with others. Know what you feel and desire, and let the desires of others also flow freely.

Expression is necessary for all, not just those with a specter they made out of wood, sitting in a self-appointed chair of rulership.
Go with the flow, your own flow, and you can if you want to, but best not to disrupt and violate the flowmof others. Cause then your river will also be polluted.

You never truly know how you will respond and feel about a situation, a person, a room, sensation or even food. Everything holds a surprise within itself, you could not dechiper before actively being a part of it.
Even after the experience has happened, it is impossible to truly know what made it stand out, why it felt so great, why it perhaps didnt feel so good.
Thus it is best to have an open mind, being receptive to what comes your way, basically saying yes.

That yes might turn into something that blows you away, a meeting you will forever remember, a relation that lasts a lifetime, love that feels so sweet, memories you can share with others, and together  feel the excitement and intricacies of the story you have to tell.

Nothing can ever be exactly as you imagine it, and even if one where to meticulously try to construct a reality around them to fit their desired outcome, such schemes nearly always crumbles.
Let the universe show its cards, allow your soul to be swept away with sensations, allow others to share their life with you. By merging, thus creating even more fantastic memories.
Not sharing, containing the gift of life in a small cage, is not gratitude.
Embrace the gift of life, bu embracing the uncertainty of what might come, and the myriad of outcomes to meetings and experiences.
Something new created, is better than nothing. Being afraid of the unknown, and not allowing life to unfold freely, is like being in chains.