torsdag 31. desember 2015

The proposed hierarchy of elevated divinity

In life we are often told about what path will lead us to the imagined land of divinity, and what paths can only lead to ruin and despair. This even extends to the value we attach to things, and where the proximity should begin and end.
We are given a sheet of guidelines spoken and maintained by the society we find ourself in, as to what can offer us a sense of elevation, upflift us, how we are supposed to react and feel when presented with a scenario or compilation of things. These things are often given a ranking, devised by critics and self proclaimed experts of life, as to what will bring us to a desired state or evoke sensations that we are told we should crave. 
Exluding certain features in the process, that are poorly esteemed in the general public. Creating a pyramid of predisposed values, that defines how we should react accordingly. This framework can be found strewn across society, with little room for questions or a multitude of reactions to be allowed. 

The attept to guide us in a direction, with alluring tales of how greater exaltation can be found there, and that it is the only place you can feel a sense of peace or accomplishment. As if a luxurious castle always must be better than a quaint cabin, ignoring the chance of greater happines being found in a smaller and more secluded area. Proclaiming that certain foods are to be viewed as trash, while the more expensive quisines always will demolish other dishes in terms of what they can offer. 
Subtly infusing a sense within, that one must enjoy one thing more than the other. There are plenty of these propagandas elsewhere, such as making lists of what is supposed to be subjectively considered as good music, or terrible music. That the tunes of mozart, always offer a plate more rich and sublime, than that of techno music for example. 
But the reactions will always be subjective, and for some, a techno song about true lov might lift them to unimaginable heights of ecstasy, moreso than a mozart symphony ever could. 
A competitive battle, where certain movies are by default to be considered degenerate in quality, instead of allowing others to respond to such stimuli by their own merits. 

We might hear people speak of the simply joys of life, but how do we know that what we have adressed as smaller joys, in fact, are not the greatest. The invisible list, where a system is in place that tells us what can give greater joy, and what we should consider as lesser joys. It is often the things we call highpoints of life, but no individual should feel the need to adhere to such compliant standards. Indoctrinating books and articles, who for reasons unexplained, have the dominion over the intrinsic values of things and situations and how they should make us feel. 
A guide to what is ordinary, and what we should consider extraordinary. The moments others refer to as crowning jewels in life, what we should look forward to and consider holier as oppossed to unholy variants of expressions in life. The mass ego generating a firm consensus on the complicated and endless web of life, in a way that stifles those who reach beyond and outside of coalitions formed between masses of people. Finding comfort in the colony of a million voices, instead of noticing the faint whisper that tells you to look elsewhere. The whisper that comes from within, that something is not quite right.
A pyrmaid scheme with accepted likes and dislikes, making a false hierarchy of what we must deem enjoyable, what we are to dislike and how we are to react. If someone finds God through cars, pornography, going to the gym, music, clothing, people, friends, love, strippers, construction, movies, do not tell them that the exaltation they feel when involved with what they love is derogatory or worth less than other activities they tempt you to be apart of. The grass of inner happines always being greener when involved with other pastures.
Do not let the judgement of an unflinching mass ego dictate the personal sense of life you cultivate within and outside, the individual must always have a clear and distinct voice, unfettered by the screams of a morose party feeding you with propogating influx.
We must experience for ourself the life we wish to live, and what attracts us and we find alluring and divine, because we all have the right to explore and be a part of e dance, and know deep within, what we truly need.

onsdag 23. desember 2015

The stipulation of life energy

At times we may come across people who try to eliminate various aspects of life with a justification process that involves convoluted rhetorics and incohesive justifications to halt the blooming of what they deem to be subjectively wrong. 
They often have no real evidence or proof in their reasoning as to why certain proponents of life should be met with dominant judgement and directly or indirectly banned from being expressed. 
Being on a pilgrimage to convince others that they are the rightful owners of absolute truth in a desperate attempt to manipulate the course or actions we may take. 

How we react to life, what gives us a sense of meaning, joy and elevation, will always remain subjective to the individual. What encourages the fostering of life energy from within, is not something that can be dictates or coersed into a specific direction that all are to follow. 
Life energy may be described as what makes us get up in the morning, our motivations, our longings, that which fills us with a flame from within, waiting to take desicive action. 
Life energy is the unique spark, the warm glow that radiates from within, and longs to explore a world of possibilities and meanings, searching for what feels right and true to the individual. 
The perfect quest of life, inhaling a sense of wonder for today and tomorrow. 
Being in harmony with the self, and to what the soul needs and wants. 

We are at times faced with rampant destructors of life energy, those who wish to suffocate the creation of life with strict policies devised from a need to decide how others should live and be. 
When one starts to think about it, there are destructors of life, and creators of life. Anyone who forcefully tries to subjugate others to their testimony of rightful living and expression, can be likened to ancient crusaders with a fictional cause to rationalize their pervasive intrusion unto others. 
Not giving up until they find that the world around them likens a reflection of their own subjective codes of life, wishing to establish a clone army of like-minded soldiers who will spread their ideology. There are several ways to murder someone, actually taking their lives, and taking away that which gives them life. Denying others to explore the different facets of life that might rejuvinate and give birth to a sense of wonder and delight. 
When involved in such a process, they can be likened to thieves and murderers of life, robbing the inner sanqtuary of others and replacing it with unwanted thoughts and unquestuoned compliance. Slowly but surely robbing them of all life energy that was once inherently their own, replaced with a bondage masters that has taken it upon himself/herself to be the unwelcomed suppressor of the gift of life. 

No two people react the same to specific stimuli that encourages the mind and body to impetus. We all have a unique set of tapestry, intricate and delicate, soft and distinctive, millions of remarkable factors that constitute and make whole who we are. Upon seeing an image, reading a sentiment, recognizing a face, hearing a voice, touching a body, there is no one way to react accordingly, as our response is colored by different perceptions and feelings.
To rally others to create uniformed disparancies that judges one thing, while allowing another under a  declaration to unify insted of diversification. Those that do not comply to the proposed manifesto, and find themselves oddly sad or depressed living under ideals that only results in a hollow emptiness, because the life energy they wish to express and feel, is distinctively judged.
Dead on the inside, by the command of a malignant dictator, that has amassed the voices of a mass ego to stand behind him. The mass ego leaning on each others for validation and encouragement, flocking togehter to shun the flow of life energy that exists outside of their perimeter.

When allowing, accepting and rejoicing for what establishes a sense of self, a sense of truth and love in others, we become free to follow our own path that feels correct, and corresponds to the life energy our souls wish to partake in and be an active creator of. It does not matter how right you might feel you are in your subjctive and learned curriculum, the scope of life should be bigger and more varied, as opposed to smaller and intensely uniformed.