mandag 26. desember 2016

Existing outside of the predisopsed narrative

Sometimes we are swept up by the raging torrent of opinions and judgements, exerting oursves into the action of a grand sea where we are opposing someone or something. Most likely backed by a group of many, forming a band of loud protestors or defendants fuelling one another into fury.
Your time and energy summoned by invisible players using you as a droplet in a bucket of water, to strengthen their own supply. A mere pawn in a greater game, where your personality have been slowly fading away to serve the cause of a stranger. Expected to beleaguer the others to no end.

Sometimes we can make the choice wether to exist in a reality we have created for ourself, shared. Y those we love and those we find interesting, or to exist on a reality created by someone else, where choice has been replaced by commands.
Regardless of what opinions we hold, it is important to remember that we do not need to have an opinion about everything, sometimes it actually does not matter at all. We do not need to make judgements regarding the views and lives others, sometimes it is best to let live. And we do not need to be a part of some grand action involving millions of people.
It is okay to step back, and focus on your own narrative. To know that one does need to be informed about everything, or articulate a thesis on every major event that takes place. If you put too much importance and serious weight to everything that goes on, it can quickly become tedious. Maybe this is what the buddhists know, sometimes it does not matter if you are a part of something or if you have exited the equation.

Such is most frequently seen in opposing ideologies, the left and right, pro or anti, to support or deny.
We forget that there is a life to be lived, our own. Ephemeral moments of delicacy to be had, dalliances to create, the mixing of two compounds, creating something brand new. The effervescent smile between two friends.
The ethereal joy of doing what you like, not involved in politics of mass parties, not connected to the massive web, not reading in on the collectice news stories. Just being where you are, with whomever you are with, enjoying eachother, with no interference.

The world os huge, stuff happening all over. The universe is too big to be put in concieveable meassure, information flowing all over the place, something happening at all times. If always caught up in the narrative of something else, there is no time for respire. If there were 100 planets with intelligent life, our news feed would by overflowing with intel, and some would soak it all up. Marching to the beat of other drummers, to the sound of strangers he or she will never meet.
Instead of creating magic right here and now, some are lured by advertisement, some are spellbound by mirages of ongoing wars and conflict. Some are trapped in meaningless arguments with no diplomatic ends in sight.
Proclaiming their opinion and stand to be the one and only, forever trapped in a macrocosmic narrative, ignoring the microcosm of the here and now. Ignoring the chanche to enrich someones life on an individual basis, even forgetting to fall in love, or simply to love. And all the complicated mess of glorious emotions and sensations that come with it. Do not forget yourself, and the possibility of beauty around you. 

fredag 23. desember 2016

Nobody is obliged to be what you want them to be

We must be able to give freely by our own admission, without heavy expectations placed upon us on how we are supposed to act and be. We can have equanimity of the mind, even when people act in ways we were told are the significator of so called rude and brusque people. 
When our outer appearance of how we behave do not correspond to an idealized picture some vehemently hold on to, like a childish idea of disney land inhabitants, some are quick to label those who fall outside of this model as bad people. 
People who must have evil lurking, because they do not present themselves in an overtly jolly manner with nothing but smiles, laughter and contrived posturing.
Let people be their natural manifestation of themselves without harmful legislations around the singular and restrictive image you wish to see.

In society there is a wave of people battling the unrealistic ideals of body and looks, championing a more inclusive and forgiving, without some people feeling ostracized for not being what some deem perfect. 
When it comes to personality, we still crudely label others however we wish if they present themselves in a different manner than what we have consider acceptable and attractive.
Trying to coerce someone to be an idealized version of pristine sweetness and agreeability in relation to you is not cute to demand of others. Let others give and recieve freely as they themselves chose to do, and so they are dancing to the whims of free will. Instead of recieving instructions by a firm voice that mandates one to comply and obeys. To base someones worth in relation to their disposition, and what they deserve, is kinda lame. 

Why is it okay to automatically belittle those who are naturally more somber, less enthusiastic, reserved and cold as undeserving people who deserve bad karma because they did not smile at you or laugh at one of your jokes. 
Wether someone is so called nice or cold, they have the right to respond to a situation however they wish, and be friendy or dismissive just as they please. Trying to force upon someone a false facade can be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Being peevish about the social proprieties some believe we must uphold at all cost, and any detour or anamoly spotted of the cartoonish smiley faces plastered upon us must be swiftly punished and corrected.
Such is not true authenticity. We have the free will to act as we please, and maybe some people should have a more relaxed attitude about the attitude of others.

torsdag 22. desember 2016

The world is grand 

Take a second and think about how many opportunities there actually are in this world, inhabit the sight of an eagle soaring above in search of fun, meaning, excitement and possibilities. Or better yet, a view of this planet from another planet. 
Instead of locking oneself in, inhibited by the fear of looking stupid, go outside and recieve the enegy, open yourself up to others. Try not to quickly dismiss anyone coming into contact with you, and give the flow a chance.
Take a seat at a bar, sit, wait, and maybe someone will come up to you and engage in conversation.
Take a class somewhere, feel the surrounding energies, and suddenly you sre synchronized eith another person you get along great with. Join a club of some sorts, and find out if the atmosphere resonates with your being. 
Some people have tunnel vision about the possibilities around us, and are stuck focusing on one specific person or slightly more. Thinking that the little bubble of interaction found theirein is the only place to feel at home, the only place the universe was feeling gratuitous enough to allow magic to happen. Just be somewhere there are other acutal, living and breathing people, and the rest usually works itself out. 

We are allowed to be capricious in life, and follow the whimsical stream of consciousness where it may take us. There are tens of thousands of doors waiting to be opened, your longings corroborated by the abundance of fun and excitement you are met with. Finally recuperated from a long withstanding illness of never ending stillness. No need to hesitate, most people quietly dream and wish for random encounters, perhaps some even have space in their heart and life for a new friend. 

Bolster your courage in an effort to allow yourself to be, to see the small windows of opportunities here and there and everywhere. There is nothing harmful about existing, and your being is innocuous. If there is an annoying voice, taking over and directing your life in an isolated direction, the throne should be given a new master, fair and wise in his decision making, and kind and forgiving in his mannerism. The inner realms sometimes need a more loving presence that calls the shots. 

The lottery of life, what are the odds

It can be easy to become obfuscated by an unfounded fear of potential disaster when we are in situations or places foreign to us. The lack of knowledge and information making us see red lights at every turn, because we simply do not know what we are dealing with.
Making us conjure superflous scenarios in our mind of impending tragedy.
When the irrational fear takes hold, and all we can think, feel and see are ominous possibilities of hurt, it is time to replace the jargon with something else.

The chances of winning a lottery are slim, so are the odds that something terrible will happen. It is easy to become trapped in disaster mode in this day and age, when we are continously warned by the media, journalism and radio that something awful is destined to happen. But the odds of everything turning out just okay, are always in your favor. The biggest chunk of people, an astronomical amount,  never commit heinous acts, never take the life of others, and never willfully infringe upon the rights of others. 
We have all had hurts, but for 90-99,999% percent of the time, we have been fine, safe and protected by the general goodness that naturally surround us. So why linger on those few instances where we were subjected to pain, the odds refrain them from coming in wave after wave. There are times when we are unlucky, but that is part of the narrative. 
In a casino, you are almost destined to lose, the rare instance where someone hits the jackpot, is lost in the mire of regular failings and dashed dreams of being the 0.0001% that wins big time. 

In life, the situation is reversed, we usally win, but sometimes are the 0.0001 that fails. Because we are alive with all our senses flowing, the failings can feel awful. To be remembered is that after such pain, usually comes light. Just allow the flow to come. 

onsdag 21. desember 2016

Shifting the perceptions of others

Might be a tantallizing idea, but it often causes needless worry, stress, fear and hypervigilance.
The fleeting impressions of a stranger who has no influence over your life, how they percieve you, what thoughts arises as they see you, are their own business.
The thoughts someone may have about you, spanning all across the board, one person thinking and feeling something completely different from another. Some may see you as cold, weird, lame, desperate, and by some I mean a distant acquaintance, whose role in your life as long ago ended.

Why should we attach meaning and importance to the opinions of those who are no longer around, to those who do not care, to those who momenteraly interact slightly with you. If we are preoccupied with the inner dialogue of others at most times, we can easily become blind to the natural expression and desires we have, becoming obstructed by the incessant worry of what others might think. Some will find you attractive and pleasing, others will find you unnattractive and annoying. Its just part of the flow, but it may be wiser to focus on those who enjoy your company.

Yes, some people might have a terrible idea of who you are as a person, and see you as less than good enough, maybe even going as far as seeing you as a beast based upon how you carry yourself, a wackjob, someone with bad judgement. One can muster up all the possibly hurtful things, and someone out there might associate it with you. If you are having such debilitating thoughts about yourself, and suspect others are the same at all times, it might be time to do some rectification. Also if you deeply believe yourself to be unworthy, and start engaging with someone who calls you such to prove them wrong, you might believe it yourself. So what, there are also those who might ser you as kind, a real sweetheart, loving and compassionate. Often more times than not, those wth a better understanding of you see the deeper sides, and the core and more coherent truth of your being.

So go ahead, act cooky, be the lame person in a room, because someone else darting their eyes upon you, might see you as interesting, intriguing and exciting.
And besides, most of the people we pass, we never see again, just a quick passing with no real impact or meaning. So forget trying to impress every person that coexists with you in this world, and rather try to impress those who take the time to be with you, share moments with you, and love with you, and forget what wordplay you inspire in a random room filled with random people, who already has enough on their plate.

tirsdag 20. desember 2016

The exaltation of some vs the degradation of others

On the macrocosmic scale different nations, people within those nations tend to construct arbitrary value to a certain expression or way of being, and completely devalue everything that differs in the slightest. 
The dehuminazation of those who speak a language you do not understand, the belittling fo those who have customs and culture you find unappealling. And the creation of enemies for those you do not understand. 
Some nations have rallied behind leaders who might allude to a nation and its inhabitants as being worthless because they do not have the newest iphone. Leaders who might not see people in a different country as equal, because they do not drive a specific kind of car, or listen to the same music or watch the same movies. 
The indifference to destroying a country, because they have no multi billion building projects, and live closer to nature. Perhaps even because they do not drive the same cars. 

Some countries have no qualms about exploiting another country, if the people of that country have darker skin, and arent surrounded be concrete mazes. Seeing them as nothing more than undeveloped countries, because they differ from what we are used to in how they go about their day to day lives.

Examining carefully, as if holding a pair of weights, just how worthy someones life is or isnt, based on how much they like the culture and what it produces. Deeming one country more deserving of peace, stability and monetary safety, because they fit certain biased criteria of esteem. 
The narrative placed upon us since childhood, to sing praises to some nations, while demonizing others, and seeing the inhabitants as demons as well. Not as individuals. Ripe for exploitation, slavery, theft, hijacking of ressources, underminement the soveireignity of the people if they live in one country, but a first class priority if they live in another. 

The narrative that involves the lives of celebrities and leaders, as more important than others for some reason. The social construct we have been fed through media and education, that some do matter more than others. But the universe is endless, and there is no divine hand pointing us in such directions, other than ourselves on this tiny planet. The construct around us, created by us, upheld by us, and maintained by us. But not all structures need to stand.

On a microcosmic scale, we can surely have our own opinions, but when it comes to something as fundemental as lives, justice and fairness, the bigger picture should perhaps be considered.