torsdag 22. desember 2016

The world is grand 

Take a second and think about how many opportunities there actually are in this world, inhabit the sight of an eagle soaring above in search of fun, meaning, excitement and possibilities. Or better yet, a view of this planet from another planet. 
Instead of locking oneself in, inhibited by the fear of looking stupid, go outside and recieve the enegy, open yourself up to others. Try not to quickly dismiss anyone coming into contact with you, and give the flow a chance.
Take a seat at a bar, sit, wait, and maybe someone will come up to you and engage in conversation.
Take a class somewhere, feel the surrounding energies, and suddenly you sre synchronized eith another person you get along great with. Join a club of some sorts, and find out if the atmosphere resonates with your being. 
Some people have tunnel vision about the possibilities around us, and are stuck focusing on one specific person or slightly more. Thinking that the little bubble of interaction found theirein is the only place to feel at home, the only place the universe was feeling gratuitous enough to allow magic to happen. Just be somewhere there are other acutal, living and breathing people, and the rest usually works itself out. 

We are allowed to be capricious in life, and follow the whimsical stream of consciousness where it may take us. There are tens of thousands of doors waiting to be opened, your longings corroborated by the abundance of fun and excitement you are met with. Finally recuperated from a long withstanding illness of never ending stillness. No need to hesitate, most people quietly dream and wish for random encounters, perhaps some even have space in their heart and life for a new friend. 

Bolster your courage in an effort to allow yourself to be, to see the small windows of opportunities here and there and everywhere. There is nothing harmful about existing, and your being is innocuous. If there is an annoying voice, taking over and directing your life in an isolated direction, the throne should be given a new master, fair and wise in his decision making, and kind and forgiving in his mannerism. The inner realms sometimes need a more loving presence that calls the shots. 

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