fredag 23. desember 2016

Nobody is obliged to be what you want them to be

We must be able to give freely by our own admission, without heavy expectations placed upon us on how we are supposed to act and be. We can have equanimity of the mind, even when people act in ways we were told are the significator of so called rude and brusque people. 
When our outer appearance of how we behave do not correspond to an idealized picture some vehemently hold on to, like a childish idea of disney land inhabitants, some are quick to label those who fall outside of this model as bad people. 
People who must have evil lurking, because they do not present themselves in an overtly jolly manner with nothing but smiles, laughter and contrived posturing.
Let people be their natural manifestation of themselves without harmful legislations around the singular and restrictive image you wish to see.

In society there is a wave of people battling the unrealistic ideals of body and looks, championing a more inclusive and forgiving, without some people feeling ostracized for not being what some deem perfect. 
When it comes to personality, we still crudely label others however we wish if they present themselves in a different manner than what we have consider acceptable and attractive.
Trying to coerce someone to be an idealized version of pristine sweetness and agreeability in relation to you is not cute to demand of others. Let others give and recieve freely as they themselves chose to do, and so they are dancing to the whims of free will. Instead of recieving instructions by a firm voice that mandates one to comply and obeys. To base someones worth in relation to their disposition, and what they deserve, is kinda lame. 

Why is it okay to automatically belittle those who are naturally more somber, less enthusiastic, reserved and cold as undeserving people who deserve bad karma because they did not smile at you or laugh at one of your jokes. 
Wether someone is so called nice or cold, they have the right to respond to a situation however they wish, and be friendy or dismissive just as they please. Trying to force upon someone a false facade can be detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Being peevish about the social proprieties some believe we must uphold at all cost, and any detour or anamoly spotted of the cartoonish smiley faces plastered upon us must be swiftly punished and corrected.
Such is not true authenticity. We have the free will to act as we please, and maybe some people should have a more relaxed attitude about the attitude of others.

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