torsdag 22. desember 2016

The lottery of life, what are the odds

It can be easy to become obfuscated by an unfounded fear of potential disaster when we are in situations or places foreign to us. The lack of knowledge and information making us see red lights at every turn, because we simply do not know what we are dealing with.
Making us conjure superflous scenarios in our mind of impending tragedy.
When the irrational fear takes hold, and all we can think, feel and see are ominous possibilities of hurt, it is time to replace the jargon with something else.

The chances of winning a lottery are slim, so are the odds that something terrible will happen. It is easy to become trapped in disaster mode in this day and age, when we are continously warned by the media, journalism and radio that something awful is destined to happen. But the odds of everything turning out just okay, are always in your favor. The biggest chunk of people, an astronomical amount,  never commit heinous acts, never take the life of others, and never willfully infringe upon the rights of others. 
We have all had hurts, but for 90-99,999% percent of the time, we have been fine, safe and protected by the general goodness that naturally surround us. So why linger on those few instances where we were subjected to pain, the odds refrain them from coming in wave after wave. There are times when we are unlucky, but that is part of the narrative. 
In a casino, you are almost destined to lose, the rare instance where someone hits the jackpot, is lost in the mire of regular failings and dashed dreams of being the 0.0001% that wins big time. 

In life, the situation is reversed, we usally win, but sometimes are the 0.0001 that fails. Because we are alive with all our senses flowing, the failings can feel awful. To be remembered is that after such pain, usually comes light. Just allow the flow to come. 

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